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How to Use ODT Service with Microsoft Dynamics for Repair and Maintenance

Anyone who relies on servicing equipment in their business knows how important it is to handle repairs and manage ongoing planned maintenance. Like the proverb referring to the loss of a nail causing the loss of a battle, inefficient management of equipment preparation, return inspections, repairs, or planning maintenance can mean the loss of an expensive piece of equipment due to a lack of routine preventative maintenance.

To make managing your equipment repair and maintenance schedules and planning simple, you need software that can handle your core needs. If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics customer, that solution is the ODT Service app – a fully integrated app built for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central that handles repairs and manages ongoing planned maintenance. Here are 6 ways that ODT Service can help you improve the way you run your services operation.

1. ODT Service Leverages Microsoft Dynamics for Easy Service and Maintenance Planning

ODT Service offers an easy way to handle the advanced services requirements of equipment rental companies. The advanced service and planned maintenance module was originally built for Dynamics NAV, but now it is a fully integrated cloud app designed to seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365 Business Central. The new ODT Service is available on Microsoft AppSource and utilizes the Essentials user license as part of the re-design.

2. ODT Service is Built on the Job Cost Module 

The advanced service functionality included in the ODT Service extension is built on top of the Job Cost module in Business Central. Not only does this allow for instant connection with the features and functionality within the existing Business Central job costing capabilities, but it also only requires the (less expensive) Essentials license instead of the Service Management module only found in the Premium licenses.

3. ODT Service Works With or Without ODT Rentals

The ODT Service app can integrate with the ODT Rental app or entirely independently. That means non-rental companies can also take advantage of advanced service and planned maintenance functionality.

4. Business Central Essentials Licenses Give You a 43% Discount from Premium Licenses

The financial impact of leveraging the lower-cost Essentials power user license instead of the Premium license is quite significant, allowing your organization to license users for 43% less than the standard Premium license. If a company with 20 users were forced to purchase Premium licenses at $100 each per month instead of Essentials licenses at $70 a piece because two of the users needed access to service capabilities, this would cost an extra $600 USD per month and $7,200 USD per year, just for the incremental difference between the two license types. For a 50-user organization, the numbers would be $1,500 USD per month and $18,000 per year.

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5. ODT Service is the Foundation for Field Service and Oilfield Tickets

Using the Business Central Job Cost module also adds significant flexibility to the advanced service and planned maintenance module to make scheduling maintenance simpler for your services business. The ODT Field Ticket app is another useful option for managing field and oilfield service tickets.

6. Endless Possibility with Mobile-Friendly Microsoft Dynamics for Repair and Maintenance Apps

Business Central comes with a solid catalog of smartphone and tablet apps that run within an optimized browser format. The browser design prevents access to the standard capability of a mobile device. By using Power Apps for our second-generation mobile clients, the user can access the camera, capture signatures, scan barcodes, and maybe even RFID in the future. In addition, the user interface can be optimized for a better experience for field users instead of a screen that still looks somewhat like a simplified accounting system.

Discover How ODT Service Fits into Your Services Operation

Easy to use and quick to deploy, ODT Service is designed to simplify and streamline the way service companies handle internal and external equipment servicing in Business Central and improve the lives of your front line staff and service technicians. With service tickets, flexible service templates, budgeted costs, equipment tracking, planned maintenance, and more, we can provide the tools you need to do your repair and maintenance business better. For more information on how our ODT Service app could work for your organization, contact Open Door for a demo today.