Blog / Rental Software Increases Productivity for Manufacturing and Rental Company: A Case Study

Rental Software Increases Productivity for Manufacturing and Rental Company: A Case Study

Open Door Technology’s Rental Management Solution proves to be flexible enough for any industry. Their work with Proline Pipe Equipment Inc., manufacturer and supplier of specialized equipment for the oil and gas industry, highlights extreme functionality of the solution.

Dianne Zawortny, Controller at Proline Pipe Equipment Inc. says, “The rental management solutions out there just didn’t have the flexibility for our industry. With Open Door Technology’s Rental Management Solution, we now have a product that’s so flexible; we can manage any situation that comes up.”

Once Proline implemented Open Door Technology’s Rental Management solution, they “never looked back”. They now have the information they need as well as adaptable functionality to run their business efficiently.

Dianne Zawortny says, “Open Door Technology’s Rental Management solution has been a hit since the day it went live. Users are impressed and it’s been easy for them to adapt to. We absolutely love it.”

Proline Pipe Equipment Inc. is now experiencing the following benefits:

  • Effectively manage case by case scenarios. For example, Proline customers may lose equipment but then find it and want to return it. ODT’s Rental Management solution is set up to manage these case by case scenarios so inventory is always accurate and Proline staff is always up-to-date.
  • Quicker and more reliable invoicing. Proline now bills daily, creating a more constant cash flow and helping to ensure Proline gets paid on time.
  • Access to real-time information. Dianne Zawortny says, “Having access to information is what it’s all about and has helped us do our jobs right, make better decisions, and serve our customers in a timely and efficient manner.”

About Open Door Technology’s Rental Management Solution

Rental Management brings all the disconnected areas of business together and consolidates them on one common platform. Investing in a single system eliminates multiple points of data entry as information is shared across one database. Users can finally access the information a company needs in a real-time environment.


About Open Door Technology

Open Door Technology has been partnering with mid-market organizations since 1992 to develop and imple­ment integrated business management systems. Open Door is known as an industry leader in business process management and product development and is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner.

Case Study: Rental Management Solution for Proline Pipe Equipment Inc.


Malcolm Roach, President