Blog / Oilfield service companies requiring integrated field ticketing and electronic invoicing can rely on ODT Field Ticket 365 and i2x Integration Solution apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Oilfield service companies requiring integrated field ticketing and electronic invoicing can rely on ODT Field Ticket 365 and i2x Integration Solution apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Anyone working in oilfield service (or other related services) who regularly send technical resources to a customer jobsite knows how difficult it can be to accurately capture work details, including equipment usage and consumables used. This information needs to be passed back to the accounting system, ideally without re-keying, and then transmitted to the customer.

In the case of oilfield service companies, transmitting information to customers generally means upstream oilfield companies who utilize a variety of portal formats such as CorTex or ADP OpenInvoice. It can take significant effort to re-enter details, upload supporting documents into the appropriate portal, and then deal with any rejections. Anything less than perfection can delay payment for months.

Enhanced electronic invoice submission for oilfield services

Open Door Technology based in Calgary, Alberta has been working closely with NextGen Software, Inc. from Aurora, Colorado for many years. This collaboration aims to allow the Microsoft Dynamics NAV accounting solution to take advantage of NextGen’s Supplier Integration to enable “easy, fast, secure electronic invoice submission for both operators and suppliers.”

With the transition of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a primarily cloud-based solution, Open Door and NextGen put their heads together to develop a Business Central app that allows customers to submit invoice and field ticket information directly from Business Central into the i2x supplier portal tool. 

The result was two apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, now both available on Microsoft’s AppSource. The ODT Field Ticket 365 app adds the extra information to the jobs module often required by field service companies and particularly those in oilfield services.

ODT’s i2x Integration Solution app exports invoices and supporting information directly to the NextGen Supplier Portal. The NextGen portal integrates with a number of standard formats including OpenInvoice, Cortex, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Noble Energy, OXY, SAP Ariba, and Enerpact. NextGen is also committed to updating the existing integrations or developing new ones as they evolve.

ODT Field Ticket 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

More details on ODT Field Ticket 365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central

ODT Field Ticket 365 allows you and your employees in the field to accurately capture and submit job de­tails for internal approval. You can efficiently record services completed, who performed the service, equip­ment used, and other details of the job. You’re also able to configure Items and Resources/Ser­vices with specific rates per customer or customer group for each job. Once approved, the field ticket posting automatically generates the Job Journal transactions and posts the journal lines to the Job to create Job Planning Lines and Job Ledger Entries. A detailed sales invoice can then be generated and printed for the customer.

You also have the option to append the Field Ticket Lines to a Rental Contract to combine rental and field charges for the customer. Additional Job Costs can easily be recorded via Time Sheets, Purchase Invoices, and Journals. Entries can also be tagged as Billable or Non-Billable.

ODT Field Ticket 365 is fully integrated and linked to the Job Costing module in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app is browser based and works on a desktop, tablet, and phone. Find it on AppSource here.

 Features and Benefits:

  • Default Field Ticket information with values from the Job Card
  • Pull customer master data from the Job Card
  • Consolidate all labor and material costs
  • Easily generate one invoice from multiple field tickets
  • Set up special pricing per contract or task
  • Print or email a field ticket in detailed or summarized view
  • Create profitability reports and run Work In Progress Reports
  • Integrate to the ODT Rentals 365 app for equipment rental needs

i2x Integration Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

More details on i2x Integration Solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central

i2x Integration Solution enables easy, fast, secure electronic invoice submission and processing for both operators and suppliers. Using i2x, vendors can upload invoices and field tickets from their accounting/ERP system with 1-Click™ and securely transmit them directly to the customer portal.

The i2x Integration Solution app is linked to the Jobs Costing module in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The built-in supplier portal integration means it can rapidly be configured to link to OpenInvoice, Cortex, Chevron, Cono­coPhillips, Noble Energy, OXY, SAP Ariba, Oracle iSupplier, and others. Get it now to leave the process headaches and redundancies behind you. Find it on AppSource here.

 Main features and benefits

  • Works with invoices, credit memos, purchase orders, and field tickets
  • Creates A/R invoices from field tickets
  • Integrates with most major Operator portals
  • Automatically identifies the portal being used
  • Simultaneous submission to multiple portals
  • Connects seamlessly with all accounting/ERP and field ticket systems
  • Includes your backup documents for each invoice, field ticket, and credit
  • Easy and flexible to use, with training and support included

 Further benefits for Invoice Transmission & Processing

  • Replaces manual, redundant data entry with an electronic process
  • Reduces overhead and staffing costs
  • Eliminates paper invoices and associated cost for printing and mailing
  • Improves security and eliminates data-entry errors and inconsistencies
  • Accelerates field ticket approval and shortens accounts receivable cycle
  • Simplifies the process of handling disputes

Because the pricing for the i2x integration tool from NextGen is based on volume of transactions, the system is scalable from small to large organizations. Connecting i2x to Dynamics 365 Business Central creates an integrated billing system that is affordable, easy to learn, and capable of handling almost anything a field service company can throw at it.

ODT Rentals 365 and ODT Service 365 are also powerful options for oilfield and related services

Bonus tip! For companies with needs in equipment rental and equipment service, including planned maintenance, these apps provide powerful options for small to mid-size organizations not wanting to dive into tier one solutions. These Business Central solutions can also be combined with the ODT Field Service 365 app to cover a wide variety of needs. Learn more about ODT Rentals 365 here and about ODT Service 365 here.

Contact us here to discuss how these Business Central add-ons can enhance your work processes in the field and through your invoice submission processes. Click here for more information on NextGen Software’s Supplier Portal Integration.

*Did you catch our previous blog here about how the ODT InterCompany 365 app provides unique capability to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central rental customers? This add-on can help you smoothly process transactions across multiple operating or holding companies for your equipment rental business. Learn more about it here.