Streamline your field ticket to invoice to payment process with full customer portal integration.


Is your outdated invoicing and processing system costing you time and money? Do you need better efficiency to eliminate redundant tasks, cut costs, and speed up receivables?

Accurate and fast invoicing with i2x Integration Solution

As a service business manager, you know how important it is to have an electronic invoice submission and processing system that is dependable, accurate, fast, and secure for both operators and suppliers. i2x Integration Solution accelerates field ticket approval and shortens your accounts receivable cycle. It is easy and flexible to use, managing invoices, credit memos, purchase orders, and field tickets, and comes with added training and support included. Vendors can upload invoices and field tickets from their accounting/ERP system with 1-Click™, securely transmitting them directly to the customer portal.

i2x Integration Solution creates A/R invoices from field tickets and integrates with most major Operator portals, automatically identifying the portal being used and enabling simultaneous submission to multiple portals. It connects seamlessly with all accounting/ERP and field ticket systems and includes your backup documents for each invoice, field ticket, and credit.

The i2x Integration Solution app is linked to the Jobs Costing module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The built-in supplier portal integration means it can rapidly be configured to link to OpenInvoice, Cortex, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Noble Energy, OXY, SAP Ariba, Oracle iSupplier, and others.

Benefits to your invoice transmission and processing

Replace your manual, redundant data entry with a quality electronic process

Finally reduce your overhead and staffing costs

Eliminate paper invoices and associated costs for printing and mailing

Enjoy improved security as data-entry errors and inconsistencies are eliminated

Simplify your process of handling disputes

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