Blog / New Oilfield Service and Field Service app now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from Open Door Technology

New Oilfield Service and Field Service app now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from Open Door Technology

Simplify your service process from field ticketing, to invoicing, to financial reporting.


Our nearly 30 years of experience working with oilfield service and other service companies in Canada and the United States has led to the publication of our new app, ODT Field Ticket 365, which can be downloaded from Microsoft’s AppSource here.


Are job details falling through the cracks and costing you money?

One of the major challenges of service companies is the variety of information needed in a field ticket (or Tour Sheet, if you are in the drilling industry) and getting that information into an invoice for a customer. Oilfield service companies face the additional challenge of re-entering this information into a wide variety of electronic invoicing systems used by the upstream oil and gas companies (on a side note, check out our new electronic invoicing app, i2x Integration Solution, for Business Central here).


Access to real-time, mobile data – perfect for oilfield service jobs

The new ODT Field Ticket 365 app allows you to simplify your service process from the field ticket through invoicing right to the financial statements. You can enter the information once and then use it many times without the risk of data entry errors from entering the data multiple times. The information is real-time (although if you capture the information first on a paper form, there will be a delay).

If you want to capture field data on a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, this can be done through the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app, which does require an internet connection. We are also currently working with alternate technology, which allows the user to capture signatures, take pictures, follow workflows, and enter information in real-time back into the Business Central financial system.

After processing the invoice, your accounting department can use our new electronic invoicing app, i2x Integration Solution, to upload the information plus support documentation directly into systems such as OpenInvoice, Coretex, etc.


Accurately capture & submit job details in the field

ODT Field Ticket 365 allows you and your employees in the field to accurately capture and submit job de­tails for internal approval. You can efficiently record services completed, who performed the service, equip­ment used, and other details of the job. You’re also able to configure for use with Items and Resources/Ser­vices with specific rates per customer, customer group, and campaign for each job. Once approved, the field ticket posting automatically generates the Job Journal and posts the journal lines to the Job to create Job Planning Lines and Job Ledger Entries. A detailed sales invoice can then be generated and printed for the customer.

You also have the option to append the Field Ticket Lines to a Rental Contract to combine rental and field charges for the customer. Additional Job costs can easily be recorded via Time Sheets, Purchase Invoices, and Journal. Entries can also be tagged as Billable or Non-Billable.

ODT Field Ticket 365 is fully integrated and linked to the Job Costing module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which opens up numerous options if your business model is more complex.


 Features and Benefits:

  • Default Field Ticket information with values from the Job Card
  • Pull customer master data from the Job Card
  • Consolidate all labor and material costs
  • Easily generate one invoice from multiple field tickets
  • Set up special pricing per contract or task
  • Print or email a field ticket in detailed or summarized view
  • Reduce administration costs and improve profitability

ODT Field Ticket 365 for Business Central can provide you with a more seamless field ticketing, invoicing, and financial reporting experience. Less data entry points mean less potential errors! It’s also easy to implement and affordable. Download it from AppSource here and contact us here to learn more about how this add-on can help you run your unique business.


*Did you know Open Door Technology also recently released an advanced EFT processing app for Canadian Business Central customers? Read about the capabilities ODT EFT 365 can offer your business in our previous blog here.