Blog / Get extended payable processing functionality for your rental business with ODT Advanced Payables 365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get extended payable processing functionality for your rental business with ODT Advanced Payables 365 for Dynamics 365 Business Central

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central usually meets the payable processing needs of most equipment rental dealers, there are a few unique areas where the ODT Advanced Payables 365 app can provide significant value. As some examples, the system allows for automated signatures based on amount, MICR fonts to allow printing on blank check forms, and the use of a miscellaneous vendor.

Advanced AP Check for Business Central

Microsoft’s payable modules ship with limited check formats and limited advanced options. ODT Advanced Payables 365 provides:

  • The ability to define the desired check format from the following selections:
    • Check-Stub-Stub
    • Stub-Check-Stub
    • Stub-Stub-Check
    • Long Stub-Check or Check-Long Stub are also possible but require some modification.
  • The ability to request a Separate Remittance at time of check print.
  • Check numbering: Void Checks no longer use up a “Check No.”
  • The ability to print your company logo on checks.
  • A menu option to print the Separate Remittance if that report was not run for some reason immediately following the check print.
  • The ability to specify company address information in each bank account (where a specific subsidiary or division uses a specific bank account).
  • There is also an “Advanced Check” Tab in Purchase & Payables that allows customizing how Check reports will function.
  • MICR Fonts are supported by default.

Automated Check Signature for Business Central

  • Bank Accounts can be individually set up with one or two signatures, each with specific check Limits for printing the Auto Signature.
  • The ability to automatically print a signature on an AP or Payroll Check.

Miscellaneous Vendor for Business Central

  • Purchase Invoices and Credit Memos are modified to allow a Miscellaneous Vendor to be used. The name, address, and invoicing information of the vendor is directly entered on the Purchase Invoice or Credit Memo header form.
  • The Payment Journal and Suggest Vendor Payments func­tionality functions as for any other vendor.
  • Checks can be printed from the posted invoice using the vendor’s name and address information.
  • Multiple Miscellaneous Vendor entries can be created at one time prior to printing checks.
  • Navigation works as for any other vendor: you can nav­igate to G/L entries, vendor ledger entries, check ledger entries, etc. and view vendor specific information.

If your equipment rental business requires any of these unique capabilities, you will find the ODT Advanced Payables 365 for Business Central add-on well worth the reasonable cost. Contact us here to discuss how this solution can enhance your rental business payables process and find it directly on Microsoft’s AppSource here.

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