Advanced Payables for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our app offers the unique capability and key functionality you need for your business’s payables requirements whether you need flexibility to print checks in different formats, or setting up a miscellanious vendor. 

Handle miscellaneous vendors, automate check signatures, and choose from check printing formats

ODT Advanced Payables offers extensive payables capability and a wide variety of defined check formats. This solution can also provide you with extended options for check remittances, automated check signatures, and miscellaneous vendor capability, among other features.

The Miscellaneous Vendor function reduces the number of vendors created for one-time use. You can print checks directly from the posted invoice; create multiple Miscellaneous Vendor entries prior to printing checks; and easily navigate G/L entries, vendor ledger entries, and check ledger entries.

The Automated Check Signature function allows you to automatically print a signature on an AP or payroll check. The Advanced AP Check function allows you to define the desired check format including Check-Stub-Stub, Stub-Check-Stub, Stub-Stub-Check, Long Stub-Check, or Check-Long stub.

MICR Fonts are supported by default. 


Supported Versions

Supported Editions: Essentials and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central OnPremise version 14 and for 15 is also available.

Supported Countries: Canada, United States

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