Blog / Don’t be an ostrich – ensure you’re not like one of the 68% of organizations who were victims of cyberattacks in the last year

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Don’t be an ostrich – ensure you’re not like one of the 68% of organizations who were victims of cyberattacks in the last year

A traditional approach will no longer protect you from cyberattacks

The numbers are scary and what is worse, cyberattacks will become more and more of a problem in the future. Organizations can’t just hide their heads in the sand anymore. 

Many people just don’t know what to do about cyberattack threats and hope their anti-spam software and a cheap firewall will be enough. The biggest problem with this approach is it is effective almost entirely against known threats. But it is the unknown threats that are the biggest concern. Sophos cryto security software offered by Open Door Technology provides organizations a powerful and cost-effective solution to defend your systems with a combination of approaches. Buyers should look for a combination of “next-gen” security in addition to the traditional foundational approaches.


Foundational capabilities required in cyber security systems need to include:
  • Anti-malware and anti-virus is generally based on detection of signatures from known malware
  • Locking down applications so weaponized Office documents such as Word and Excel files cannot install malware agents
  • Behavioral monitoring and host intrusion systems are found in better systems and tries to include both pre-execution and runtime analysis in order to prevent intrusions
  • Web protection seeks to block malicious websites including those running JavaScript to perform crypto-mining and those seeking to harvest user authentication credentials and other data
  • Web control allows administrators to control file types that can be downloaded
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) provides protection if an adversary gets through the border by monitoring sensitive data types
Modern capabilities:
  • Machine learning uses a variety of machine learning methods to detect both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures
  • Anti-exploit technology is designed to repel the tools and techniques used in many attacks
  • Ransomware-specific solutions can prevent many attacks and, in some cases, remediate impacted files
  • Credit theft protection prevents the theft of authentication passwords and other critical data
  • Process protection prevents the escalation of privileges
  • Endpoint detection and response is a more advanced response to respond to previously detected incidents
  • Incident response and synchronized security tries to automatically response to incidents without requiring manual intervention but must be synchronized with all security elements

This combination of approaches offers “defense in depth,” where a collection of tools may prevent a wide range of cyberattacks where one solution may not.


Sophos Intercept X Advanced was rated #1 at security effectiveness and total cost of ownership (TCO) in the NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection Test carried out in 2019.

In the Q2, 2019 MRG Effitas endpoint test Sophos Intercept X blocked 100% of the cyberattacks tested with default settings as opposed to many of its competitors that required additional protections.

Test Employed
Sophos Result
In the Wild 360/Full Spectrum Test 100% block rate
Financial malware 100% block rate
Ransomware 100% block rate
PUA/Adware 100% block rate
Exploit/Fileless Test 100% block rate
False Positive Test 0 false positives

Please contact us for the full report or to discuss how Sophos cyber security solutions can enhance your system protection.



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