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Open Door Announces New Equipment Rental Management Capabilities

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Equipment Rental Software Solution Provider Releases Highly Anticipated Rental Management Capabilities with New Customer-Centric Features

ALBERTA, CANADA — In response to the growing and changing equipment rental market, Open Door Technology announces the release of two eagerly anticipated new software features in their ODT Rentals product: the Visual Rental Availability Calendar and the Customer Rental Portal.  

Beta customers have called the Visual Rental Availability Calendar add-on a “game-changer” for equipment rental management, touting the feature as a user’s new best friend.  

The first of its kind in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central market and a significant upgrade to other legacy rental solutions, the Visual Rental Availability Calendar cuts keystrokes and reduces logistical friction for equipment rental operations that manually reconcile rental schedules, track equipment, and extend contracts.  

“Our users have long requested a visual way to manage core rental capabilities inside a centralized equipment rentals management solution,” says Malcolm Roach, President & CEO of Open Door. “It’s no secret that many key functions in equipment rental are complicated by the lack of ability to visualize a calendar and make automatic updates. With this new Visual Rental Availability Calendar feature, users get a drag-and-drop graphical interface that allows them to create rental bookings and manage product availability all from one screen. The graphical interface reduces ambiguity, limits errors, and delivers intuitive, interactive efficiencies to the entire process. Users can filter and easily view rental group availability by day and status, allowing them to be more responsive to customers. They can also renew or extend contracts with a few clicks, which will automatically push out and adjust inventory and schedules.” 

Designed to reduce complexity and administrative burden, the Visual Rental Availability Calendar makes it faster and easier to adjust and manage rental contracts without negatively impacting equipment availability, helping rental companies increase profitability.  

Also designed to innovate the equipment rental management experience and simplify operations, this time by allowing customers to self-serve, is the second new capability Open Door has released – its Customer Rental Portal. 

“The portal brings equipment rental companies forward. People are increasingly interested in self-serve options,” says Roach. “We’ve found that more and more people expect to do a majority of their tasks online, including inquiring about rental availability, looking up past invoices, and performing administrative tasks without having to email or call in. Time is short for most these days, and the traditional 9-5 workday is no longer the standard. With this online Customer Rental Portal, we enable our clients to better serve their customers with 24/7 access to critical information. It’s simply a better experience.” 

The new portal allows anonymous users to search for equipment options, packages, specifications, and pricing. Once registered, users access their own rental account, where they can add equipment to a cart and submit that to receive a quote before it becomes a contract. Users can also access a complete rental history, including copies of past invoices, while viewing active and past rental agreements to understand their equipment usage and costs better. 

“We coupled the visual calendar feature release with the new customer portal to maximize the impact for our customers,” says Roach. “Combining these new features with the current ODT Rentals solution will have an immediate and notable impact on customer businesses.” 

The visual calendar will expand from equipment availability to include truck dispatch, driver/assistant dispatch, and service technicians in the coming months.   

To learn more about Open Door Technology’s rental offerings, visit our ODT Rentals product page.

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