Manage Rentals, Service, and Financials in One System - No Spreadsheets

Easily reserve and rent units, invoice recurring rentals, track maintenance history, review equipment availability, and quickly process real-time data with ODT Rentals.

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Scalable Equipment Rental Management Software That You Can’t Outgrow

ODT Rentals is a fully featured financial, operations, service, and rental system built for Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is designed to eliminate duplicate data entry and help you take control of your rental and service business.

With quick upgrades and a low monthly cost per user, ODT Rentals is an affordable equipment rental management software system that is quick to install and easy to use. Built specifically for the rental industry, it includes advanced functionality for service management, preventative maintenance, meter reading, rental kits, and enhanced logistics.

Real-Time Rental and Service Data Processing From Anywhere

Create a rental contract, capture signatures and photos from the field, look up availability of a product, or check service history from the mobile device of your choice. With ODT Rentals, our all-in-one, scalable cloud equipment rental management software solution, you only have to enter data once from wherever you are. Whether you input in the field or at the office, employees can feel confident in the accuracy and timeliness of their rental and service data at all times.

Compare Top Equipment Rental Software Solutions

Evaluating the right rental system for your business starts with gathering knowledge of what’s available. Get a complete breakdown of the top 6 business management software solutions for the rental industry.

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Key Product Features in ODT Rentals

Get your equipment rental business on the same page with complete real-time visibility into operational performance. Here’s how:

Rent or Sell

Rent or Sell

Rent or sell equipment with flexible terms including hourly, best price, and optimized.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Self-serve customer portal for equipment selection, specs, inquiries, invoices, and more.

Batch Invoicing

Batch Invoicing

Process one-time or recurring rentals from a convenient, easy to use screen.

Sub Rentals

Sub Rentals

Allow overbooking and re-rent equipment sourced from suppliers. Linked PO’s.



Service company or customer equipment, whether repairs or planned maintenance.

Visual Calendar

Visual Calendar

View and manage rental availability and reservations in an intuitive, graphical interface.

Key Considerations When Evaluating Equipment Rental Accounting Software

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Centralize Your Rental Management to Streamline Operations
and Boost Profitability

ODT Rentals is a flexible, cloud-based ERP solution built on the trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. Remove manual efforts and redundancies by managing all your rental operations in a single, intuitive solution with:

  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Accounting and finance 
  • Fleet management
  • Equipment utilization 
  • Service and maintenance 
  • Human resources
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
  • And more!

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Manage Bookings with Ease Using an Interactive Visual Calendar

Stop spending all your time doing manual data entry to track and manage your rental equipment across multiple systems. With the Visual Rental Availability Calendar inside ODT Rentals, you get real-time equipment information in one place, through an intuitive display. See your bookings, manage reservations, create rental quotes, assign units, extend contracts, and more—all from an intuitive, drag-and-drop, graphical interface.

Offer the Ability to Self-Service with the Customer Rental Portal

Increase engagement, improve service, and gain efficiency by allowing customers to self-serve in a personalized portal where they can:
  • Browse equipment selection
  • Request quotes
  • Access equipment specifications
  • Obtain and print invoices
  • Request service
  • and more!

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ODT Rentals FAQ

What is ODT Rentals?

ODT Rentals is an all-in-one, fully featured financial, operations, and rental software solution with optional service built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As a full-scale, cloud business management system, ODT Rentals eliminates multiple disconnected systems and duplicate data entry. Equipment rental companies implement ODT Rentals to successfully centralize and streamline business process management across finance, service, sales, supply chain, and human resources for optimum efficiency, productivity, and visibility.  

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What features does ODT Rentals include?

ODT Rentals is a scalable equipment rental and maintenance ERP solution that allows you to manage your rentals, service, financials, and more in one centralized system. In addition to core functionality like financial management, sales, inventory management, purchasing, and reporting, ODT Rentals feature highlights include:    

  • Equipment Utilization 
  • Fleet Management  
  • Rent or Sell Functionality  
  • Self-Service Customer Portal  
  • Batch Invoicing  
  • Sub Rentals  
  • Service and Planned Maintenance  
  • Visual Availability Calendar  

To see all the ODT Rentals features available, book a personalized demo with Open Door here 

Why choose ODT Rentals over other equipment rental management solutions?

When selecting and implementing a rental management system, there are many considerations in evaluating what is best for your business and operations, including desired scalability and longevity, efficiency, security, reporting and analytics, and budget. We recommend ODT Rentals to companies looking for an all-in-one, centralized equipment rental and service solution that they can’t outgrow on a proven and trusted Microsoft Platform.  

Get started comparing your options and finding the right fit for your rental business by downloading this free equipment rental software comparison that provides a complete breakdown of the top business management software solutions for the rental industry.   

What is equipment rental ERP software?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software refers to a single, integrated system that provides the business process management functionality required to centralize, streamline, and speed up your operations across all departments and functions.  

Equipment rental ERP software combines core modules like accounting, inventory, and sales with essential rental management functionality, including service, maintenance, warehousing, etc. – all in one place. This provides real-time visibility across your entire organization and makes taking actionable, informed decisions easier.   

To learn more about what rental ERPs include and how they compare to stand-alone software or point systems, read: Understanding Equipment Rental Management Systems: ‘ERP’ vs. ‘Software.’  

What types of equipment rental organizations use ODT Rentals to manage their operations?

A variety of equipment rental and service organizations use ODT Rentals, including heavy construction, medical, oilfield service, mat rental, audio/visual rental, dealerships, large event rental, and other specialized rental markets.  

ODT Rentals helps equipment rental and service companies of all types run more efficiently, improve profitability, and realize growth. By centralizing operational management into a single, scalable rental software solution, ODT Rentals enables complete real-time visibility into every aspect of operational performance. Discover more about the types of businesses running ODT Rentals in our client stories.   

How much does ODT Rentals cost to implement and support?

Contact us for a personalized quote today. 

ODT Rentals is flexible enough to meet the functionality and budgetary needs of equipment rental businesses of varying sizes, operations, and sub-industries. Learn more by reading this article on pricing considerations when investing in an equipment rental solution 

Why partner with Open Door Technology for your rental equipment software?

People come to Open Door Technology seeking an innovative, knowledgeable partner they can approach and rely on. We offer an unrivaled combination of rental process management knowledge and functional expertise to deliver maximum results and the best value. Rental companies who partner with us can eliminate the overhead and burden of disconnected systems so they can streamline efficiencies, improve margins, bolster the bottom line, and continue to grow in their highly competitive markets.