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Why Your IT Department Needs Dynamics NAV

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As the senior technology officer within your organization, you are responsible for a wide variety of functions, including strategy and operations. Implementing a new business software system can be a daunting task and in a time of shrinking budgets and increased competition, risks need to be minimized and results optimized wherever possible.

Your responsibility is to provide advice and assistance to other senior managers on information technology, and at the same time, develop, maintain, and facilitate implementation of a sound and integrated IT architecture.

A Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision) business software system from Open Door Technology can help to minimize risk and optimize the final business solution.

Some of the more unique features available to assist you in your role as the chief information officer include:

  • Obsolescence Eliminated With the Use of Microsoft Technology – Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built on Microsoft technology including Microsoft server and database products. The program has the look and feel of Microsoft Office applications, significantly reducing the learning cycle for new users. Integrations between the system and other Microsoft applications improve user productivity.
  • Stability and Performance – Microsoft Dynamics NAV has earned an enviable reputation in the mid-market for minimal support requirements and high performance.
  • Scalable – The use of Microsoft technology and its efficient design allows Microsoft Dynamics NAV to be scaled up for virtually any mid-market requirements. The software is currently in use by over 100,000 customers in the world and provides an excellent alternative to packages such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Oracle when they attempt to come down into the mid-market space. The concurrent power user count may exceed 200 concurrent users and many more if distributed processing is utilized.
  • Three-Tier Architecture – The three-tier architecture makes Dynamics NAV far more scalable utilizing a SQL Server database and provides for a services layer with web services that can be utilized to connect to virtually any third-party application over either a network or the Internet.
  • Real-Time Operations and Financial Data – Your information is as up-to-date as the last posted transaction. This allows operations and financial decisions to be made on current data.
  • Access to Dashboards and OLAP Technology – The real-time system with virtually unlimited transaction history provides an excellent foundation for a number of analytical tools to be used to provide key operating and financial metrics.
  • A Comprehensive System – The wide functionality available within Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows a company to meet its needs right from marketing through to receipt of the payment from the customer.
  • A Completely Integrated System – Never again will precious resources and time be wasted on trying to integrate a variety of third-party systems. Information is immediately available to all users. System upgrades become much simpler and allow you to retain any customizations.
  • Configuration to Fit Best Business Practices – The system can be installed as an off-the-shelf system or be configured to fit best practices available for your organization. The configuration of the system does not eliminate the upgrade path to future versions.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Microsoft Dynamics NAV is priced as a mid-market package and saves significant amounts in the cost of the software, the initial implementation and the ongoing software assurance program. Implementation quotes are often a small percentage of the cost to implement a Tier One package such as SAP or Oracle, but provide for comparable functionality and performance in many situations.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most popular mid-market ERP software system in the world with over 100,000 customers. Read more about why Dynamics NAV is so popular. Contact us with any questions you have about getting started with a Dynamics NAV system in your organization.