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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for you ERP solution?

By Malcolm Roach, Open Door Technology

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a scalable and flexible design to meet the financial and operational requirements of an organization.

It has been nearly 25 years since I first got involved in mid-market ERP and accounting systems. The last fourteen years have been the most exciting and I can honestly say that it has been because of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As many may know, the product was originally called Navision and was purchased in 2002 along with Axapta, now Dynamics AX, for $1.6 billion by Microsoft.

I first saw Navision in February 2000 in the lobby of a hotel and was totally blown away by the technology and design. My immediate reaction was to come back to the office and tell people that we were turning our business around 180 degrees and doing Navision. At that time they were promoting it as an accounting system written by engineers for accountants. That attention to design showed with unlimited drilldown capability, bullet proof rollback capabilities, blinding speed, and unmatched stability, all of which were very uncommon at the time. On top of that, for the right customers the system could be easily customized to add unique processes or functionality resulting in competitive advantages and operating efficiencies. The efficiency of the design resulted in a system with only 264,000 lines of application code in comparison with a major competitor who was advertising their 22,000,000 lines of codes as evidence of their extensive functionality.

The difference in design has become more evident over the years as Dynamics NAV, as Navision is now known, has easily evolved into a three tier system with excellent technological underpinnings. As Microsoft continues to invest in Dynamics NAV, it has become the most popular mid-market ERP system in the world with 102,000 customers, and continues to accelerate its innovation. While others may have closed the gap on some of the original advantages they just can’t keep up with the pace of innovation provided by Microsoft’s innovation. In many areas Dynamics NAV is the technology leader for all four of Microsoft’s ERP systems.

Dynamics NAV still offers many of its original advantages but has added a close integration to Microsoft Office 365, the Microsoft SQL Server database, SQL Server Reporting Services, user configurability promising a 30% shorter learning curve, a choice of clients including SharePoint, a scalable 3-tier environment with web services, a .Net toolkit, a rapid implementation toolkit, Microsoft Azure multi-tenant compatibility, and numerous functionality enhancements. Combine that with the Microsoft investment and the ability to still tune the software through configuration or customization for unique requirements and you get the world’s leading mid-market ERP system that you can never outgrow.

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