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What you are going to love about Dynamics 365 Business Central

Give your ERP system a boost with Business CentralIf we have learned anything from Business Central it is that Microsoft has really focused their attention (and invested their money) on their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accounting systems. And it shows! The last two years have been a whirlwind of change as they have released systems that are easier to use, highly configurable, incredibly flexible, and much simpler to implement. Web products now integrate with Office 365 and the ERP system.

Below is an example of Business Central’s interface from one of the more current versions. My point, though, is not so much about whether you like the look of the interface or not. It is whether your current system provider effectively keeps your business information up-to-date or not.

Business Central is the latest and greatest from Microsoft, with links to Power BI, Microsoft Office, user-editable pages and reports, artificial intelligence (Cortana), and much more. If you use Microsoft Office, you are going to love this system. It will feel so familiar.

Screen capture of Business Central's interface


Data protection that negates your need for backups

The software as a service (SaaS) database version runs from a primary data center with three live copies of your database. A fourth copy is kept in a geo-redundant data center with automatic failover between the live versions and the data center if anything goes down.

The database itself comes with 21-day rollback capability. With that level of data and historical protection, customers are asking themselves why they need backups. Some do, some don’t. If you still do, you could simply take a copy once a month and stash it in the cloud. Easy to do. We’re happy to help.

Not only is there a very powerful SaaS option, but you can choose to run Business Central in an on-premises deployment if you still have those things called “servers” around your shop. If that setup isn’t right for you, there is a hybrid option to let you have both an on-premise deployment with a link to a SaaS instance. Deploy it the way you want now, with the flexibility to choose something different in the future.


Did we mention the free upgrades?

And customer-specific customizations are included too! Twice a year Microsoft will automatically update the core Business Central SaaS database and re-apply customer customizations and the current versions of any apps you may have.

You will never have to go to management again to ask for a capital budget to do a big system upgrade. Your new Business Central system will never be more than six months behind the latest upgrade. Everyone knows how much users hate change. With a bit of incremental change every six months, and lots of time to prepare, they will never need to go through a big system change again. Can you imagine the smiles on your colleagues when they hear that news?

So, does your current system measure up? Could you do better for your business? Contact us for more information on the most popular mid-market ERP and accounting system in the world with over 220,000 customers. Here’s a hint – it’s called Business Central.


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