Never miss a call or lose a customer again with a simple, flexible and easy to scale cloud PBX Solution

Are you looking for a VoIP Cloud PBX solution with good quality service? With Cloud PBX from Open Door Technology, you get all the phone features you need for your business, with low upfront costs and no hardware or software to maintain.

With VoIP, your team is reachable and available

The telephone is still relevant in this highly connected world. Whether you are operating from a single office or different locations in your city, state, or country, you get an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system to make all your clients happy. Moreover, your mobile employees can be reached while on the go through your company phone number.

Product Functionalities

Continential US/CAN miniutes included

Free App for Desktop & Mobile Call

Multi-Carrier Solution

Phone Number: Port Existing or Get New Number

Call Recording

Auto-Attendant / IVR

Follow-Me / Call Forwarding

Account Management via Web Portal

Notification Email

No Cancellation Fee

User Web Portal

The Web Portal allows your users access to profile management, voicemail management, and call forwarding management. They can also access their call log and calls detail record along with call statistics, reports, recordings and call downloads.

Cloud PBX Features

There are many key features that allow Cloud PBX to address all your current and future telephone needs. The flexibility of a VoIP Coud PBX system will have you wishing you’d switched earlier.

Pre-con gured PBX & IP Phones

The Cloud PBX and all extensions come con – gured with Busy Lamp Field, Intercom, Paging, Hunt Group, Audio Conference, etc.

Auto-Attendant / IVR

The Auto Attendant receives calls, provides di erent assistance options to the caller and transfers call.

Multi Device

Ability to handle communication on multiple devices (desktop phone, mobile device (BYOD), web browser, PC).

Call Forking / Simultaneous Ringing

An incoming call rings on all devices (IP Phone & Smartphone).

Unlimited Incoming Simultaneous Calls

Users can receive unlimited simultaneous calls on their phone number.

Unlimited Outgoing Simultaneous Calls

Users can place unlimited simultaneous calls. Call limitations exist on IP Phones and Soft- phones.

Email Notification and Fax Management

Notifications and faxes can be sent to multiple email addresses (no need to create a distribu- tion group)

Message Waiting Indicator

Visual indicator that indicates that a message is waiting in the user voicemail.

Call Blocking / Selective Call Rejection/ Call Screening

Block incoming calls that are in a list of phone numbers.

Call Waiting

When on a call, get a tone that indicates a new incoming call so the initial call can be put on hold to pick the second incoming call.

Caller ID

Display the phone number / name of the caller.

Caller ID Delivery Blocking / CLI Hide

Block number from being shown when the user calls other numbers.


An incoming call rings a mobile/cellular phone when the user is on leave.


Leave a voice message to the user when un-available.

Voicemail retrieve options

Read voicemail from IP phone, smartphone, email or web console.

Voicemail forward

Forward a voicemail to another user.

Web Fax

Send and receive fax as PDF email attachments.

Group Pickup

User can Pick-Up an incoming call from another user or group of users.

Hunt Groups

Distributing phone calls from a phone number to a group of users/extensions.

Do Not Disturb

When enabled, incoming calls are sent to the VM.

IP Phone Catalog

Download our catalog here to see the full list of IP Phones offered with our Cloud PBX services and their features.

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