Sometimes the next big thing comes with its own set of problems.

Unless ownership can catch a clear vision of what Dynamics 365 Business Central can do for them, your attempts to implement change may only result in… awkwardness.

There are five things ownership needs to hear to greenlight Tenerife.

Executives generally view accounting as something that just needs to run smoothly.  With that in mind…

Never go through a difficult upgrade again

Upgrades are disruptive. More unhappiness can come out of an upgrade than even from the original system implementation. Business Central offers a smooth, transparent upgrade process that makes it easy for your staff.

Improve your ROI and cash flow with a free or near-free upgrade

The new design of Business Central means upgrades can cost little to nothing except a bit of planning time. Put that into our ROI calculator.

Upgrade in minutes, not months

The multi-tenant upgrade process can be run in minutes by Microsoft automatically in the background and is expected to be done on a quarterly basis. Customers will no longer have to go through massive upgrades every several years and taking several months each time.

Scale your system up or down

When you buy an in-house license, you are pretty much stuck with it. If you sign up for a Business Central cloud license, you can scale your number of users up or down as you need to. If you have a seasonal business or one with cyclical business trends, Business Central makes a lot of sense.

Microsoft manages your database security and redundancy

In a time of ransomware and other threats, Microsoft provides the maximum level of database security possible. Your users may still be at risk but at least your core data is protected. Multiple copies of databases, geo-redundant data centers, and 21 day rollback are all features to help you sleep at night.

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