You can’t always avoid having to learn something new – We can help

Accounting software may not be as simple to use as banking software but we can help with that problem.  Our Training Portals help you to learn at your own pace and keep the cost down to a fraction of what system training would normally cost.

Training aids to help you to learn, regardless of your learning style

Signing up for a support plan not only gives you access to unlimited technical support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365, it also gives you access to our exclusive training portals. 

Choose from standard processes or pay extra to have your company’s specific processes added to the portal accessible by your users.

Train at your own pace and from anywhere with videos and collateral on-demand

No more days of endless training

Users today can’t sit still for any longer than a couple of hours before they start to lose focus.  Open Door Technology’s Learning Portals allow users to learn at their own pace, when time is available, and from wherever they happen to be.  Contrast this to several days of concentrated training usually required for new systems.

For the cost of a latte a day

You may not be a coffee fan, but the point is how cost-effective access to Open Door Technology’s Training Portals is. Whether you are an existing customer of Open Door Technology or not, you can sign up for a support plan and get access to our Training Portals. If you have 15 minutes or a couple of hours, our Training Portals allow you to train at your own pace and when it works for you.

Each and every lesson presents a choice of three different types of documentation and three choices of narrated videos.


Show Me




Teach Me



Test Me



Comprehensive Documentation

Users have access to detailed training documentation in Word, PowerPoint, or PDF.

Get in Touch

If you have questions about our how Training Portals will save you significant time and money in user training please reach out to us.