Dynamics User Training

Empower your users by giving them the training they need to succeed at their roles. From new users, to refreshing existing users – we have the solution for your organization.

Training Options

Open Door Technology offers several levels of training, including project team training, implementation team training, end-user training, ongoing training for new staff and refreshers.

Training is held in our professional climate-controlled training facility or on-site, if required. Shorter training sessions can also be provided remotely through Citrix or Terminal Server. In some cases, GoToAssist is used to work directly with a client staff member on a particular issue where they may need assistance.

Training is also offered in live online sessions. Topics for these training sessions include Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM, Jet Reports, and other products. The online training allows attendees to connect with our staff from anywhere and from the comfort of their own desk. All training sessions are published on an online catalog which allows attendees to register and pay in a few simple steps.

It has been our experience that the organizations who invest the most in training are the most successful in implementing a new system and have the highest user satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project Team Training

This typically occurs early in the implementation project and is intended to provide client project team members with the knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV necessary to help make process and design decisions. This can take anywhere from three to five days or more, depending on the complexity of the project. Training covers the process flow of transactions and is not intended to cover all functionality in the modules to be implemented.

Refresher Training

We generally recommend a follow-up training course a few months after the system has gone live. Users have a lot to absorb the first time they see the software in the End-User Training and may need some follow-up training to cover items they may have forgotten.

End User Training

This final phase occurs one or two weeks before the organization goes live on the new system and is intended to provide the final end-users with the detailed knowledge to do every part of their job other than a few areas such as bank reconciliations that are deferred until after the first month-end. The training is done on sample data converted from the old system and tries to mirror the processes that will be utilized when the users finally go live.

Implementation Team Training

Training can be provided to client staff who were not involved in the Project Team Training and who require Dynamics NAV knowledge to assist with the implementation.

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Ongoing Training

Over time, new end-users pick up their training from other end-users, who may have learned the software from other end-users who may have been trained by our company. We offer user-specific training for new employees and strongly recommend this for any new senior accounting staff who may not be familiar with Dynamics NAV.