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Resistance to Change Limits Business Potential

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We’ve all been there, the breaking point of frustration with computer hardware. What if every time you used the mouse for your computer you discovered it didn’t track well, your cursor lagged onscreen, sometimes the buttons didn’t click, or the cord was too short? Suddenly your focus isn’t what’s on the screen, but how hard it is to get the needed information. There’s not many of us who would put up with a defective mouse for very long yet we live with ERP systems which hinder our business. The truth is resistance to change limits business potential.

Recently, we conducted a survey of hundreds of companies who spoke of great pains with their current systems. Some had clearly outgrown the capabilities of Simply Accounting or QuickBooks (and many others) yet continued to use them, citing familiarity or fear of change. Many companies admitted to spending up to 15 hours every week exporting and manually compiling numbers into reports from which they make critical business decisions. What is more remarkable is they didn’t fully understand the loss of profitability from this misspent time. Or that most spreadsheets, used for compiling the information, contain errors.

Because many of us are resistant to change, we just don’t see how spending one day a week compiling figures shouldn’t be part of our job description – analyzing and reacting to that data is what you could and should be spending time on. This time saving directly translates into tens of thousands of dollars annually saved on salary costs. Imagine the result of your staff spending their time on analyzing automated reports, making more sales calls, and researching new technologies and markets for your business. Although we are creatures of habit, the time has come to improve your business processes and increase your potential.

One fear that may already be holding you back is that upgrading will be a costly, time-consuming process that won’t yield measurable benefits. With more than two decades of growth and stability behind it, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a solution that helps you keep pace in a changing marketplace. It is time to realize the tangible savings, the ROI, a highly capable accounting solution can deliver.

Microsoft Dynamics® NAV is here to help you grasp the savings you’re missing out on.

  • Better Insight: Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you gain better access to information with real-time insight into the revenue and profits you achieve from different products, different markets or even individual customers. It also provides access to up-to-date information and powerful analysis and reporting tools, so employees can monitor performance, analyze trends, and spot potential problems before they occur.
  • Integration Capabilities: Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built on industry-standard Microsoft technology and integrates with other Microsoft business intelligence (BI) products and technologies. So, you can start with the basic modules and Microsoft Office Excel and then add functionality and tools as you need them. This makes it easy to access, analyze, and share information—without the need to juggle applications.
  • Reduced IT Costs: Through streamlined implementation and simplified training, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a lower total cost of ownership. This helps you keep your IT costs down and your Return on Investment up. It also enables you to bring self-service reporting and other functionality to the end user, freeing your IT staff for higher-value tasks.

Yes, the fear of change may still be there, but the important thing is to realize the savings you are missing out on by not doing anything. Please contact us to discuss the benefits available to you through the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.