Send Regular Payments to Multiple Vendors More Efficiently

Accurately manage and execute the regular transactions your company sends to multiple vendors in one place with ODT EFT.

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Integrated Electronic Funds Transfer Software for Dynamics 365 to Accelerate Payments

ODT Electronic Funds Transfer (ODT EFT) is a fully integrated cloud app for Dynamics 365 Business Central that simplifies and automates the process of transferring regular payments to multiple vendors. By using the standard Business Central data exchange framework and data definition, ODT EFT offers a quick and easy solution to managing regular transactions to multiple vendors.

ODT EFT supports one or more bank accounts with multiple EFT export formats and currencies, as well as multiple EFT bank formats, including Accounts Payable. Please note that ODT EFT is exclusive to Canadian clients and is not designed for sending payments from a bank based in the US.

supported by most Canadian banking institutions.

Automated Batch Payments to Your Canadian and U.S. Vendors

ODT EFT enables you to send batch payments to your Canadian and U.S. Vendors in CAD or USD through any Canadian bank. Once your bank account card has been set up for your chosen bank, the EFT process is virtually identical to the standard Business Central or Dynamics NAV process of sending EFT to the Royal Bank of Canada.

Key Product Features in ODT EFT

Quickly and easily pay the external vendors who service your business without the risk of errors or inaccuracies. Here’s how:



Supports one or more bank accounts with multiple EFT formats and different currencies.

Accurate Tracking

Accurate Tracking

Always sends one record per payee to the export file.

Canadian Exclusive

Canadian Exclusive

Exclusively available to clients with an account at any Canadian bank.

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