Streamline Bill Payment with Advanced Automation and Flexible Check Printing

Handle miscellaneous vendors, automate check signatures, and choose from check printing formats with ODT Advanced Payables.

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Tackle Key Financial Tasks with Advanced Accounts Payable Automation Software for Dynamics 365

Whether you need the flexibility to print checks in different formats, process MICR checks, or to set up a miscellaneous vendor, ODT Advanced Payables is an affordable app that provides the additional functionality required to keep your payables running smoothly.

Built to work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, ODT Advanced Payables offers extensive options for automated check signatures, check remittances, defined check formats, and miscellaneous vendor capability to reduce the number of vendors created for one-time use.

Advanced AP Functionality at an Affordable Price

Give your accountants the tools they need to handle business payables more effectively and efficiently. ODT Advanced Payables includes three main functional enhancements: Advanced AP Check, Automated Check Signature, and Miscellaneous Vendor.

Key Product Features in ODT Advanced Payables

Reduce manual processes and extend your organization’s payables capabilities. Here’s how:

Advanced AP Check

Advanced AP Check

Define the desired check format including Check-Stub-Stub, Stub-Check-Stub, Stub-Stub-Check, Long Stub-Check, or Check-Long Stub. You can also request a Separate Remittance, print company logo on checks, process MICR checks, and customize how check reports will function.

Automated Check Signature

Automated Check Signature

Automatically print a signature on an AP or payroll check. Bank accounts can be individually set up with one or two signatures, each with specific check limits for printing. MICR Fonts are also supported by default.

Miscellaneous Vendor

Miscellaneous Vendor

Print checks directly from the posted invoice using the vendor’s name and address information. You can also create multiple Miscellaneous Vendor entries prior to printing checks and easily navigate G/L entries, vendor ledger entries, and check ledger entries.

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