Simplify transaction processing for multiple companies in a single database with ODT InterCompany for Dynamics NAV

Save time with less clicks and steps to get transactions completed.

Runs on past versions up to and including NAV 2016.

Key Features of ODT InterCompany

Open Door Technology’s InterCompany module pre-dates the intercompany module now available in Dynamics NAV. This product is still very popular amongst our clients and other North American organizations using NAV as it has some unique features and capability. Unlike Microsoft’s inter-company functionality, you are able to post transactions to multiple companies in one sales or purchase document. One of our customers processes payables for over 60 companies through one master company.

Process reconciliations at the end of the month in less time.

Code each document line to different companies.

Use ‘Auto Posting’ flag to post pending transactions.

Repeat past transactions with Copy Document.

See It For Yourself

Preview InterCompany for Dynamics NAV.

A Note for Resellers

All required custom objects are in the customer object range – tables (50090, 50091, 50092, 50093), codeunits (50090, 50091, 50092), and pages (50090, 50091, 50092, 50093, 50094) – these can be specified for newer client licenses.

ODT InterCompany does not require the Extended Pack for Dynamics NAV.

Runs on past versions up to and including NAV 2017.

This product does not have an Extensions version yet.

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