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Open Door Technology Celebrates 22 Years

By Malcolm Roach, Open Door Technology, established April 1, 1992

Ten years in business is an accomplishment these days.  Over twenty years makes you grateful for an opportunity to do something you really enjoy for so long. Each new software customer is unique and I still find it fascinating after all these years.  The technology has certainly changed but the principles remain the same.  Customers want the best system they can get for their needs and need reliable partners to help them to implement the system and provide support.  The first time I saw Navision, or Microsoft Dynamics NAV as it is now called, I literally fell in love with it and could see so many different ways it could be useful for customers.  I haven’t been disappointed.  We are excited to be leaders in the mid-market space for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM solutions and we owe much of that to these two exciting products from Microsoft and the support of our clients.

A brief timeline of Open Door Technology:

  • 1992: The business starts up as Rapport Microsystems and begins providing ERP software solutions to integrate people, processes, and technology.
  • 1997: The business is renamed Open Door Technology to reflect our desire to promote customer service.
  • 2000: Open Door Technology takes on an exciting ERP product called Navision from Denmark and signs up 15 new clients during the first year.
  • 2000-2001: Open Door Technology grows from 4 staff to 12 staff during the first year of providing Navision.
  • 2002: Navision purchased by Microsoft for 1.45 Billion.  Later renamed to Dynamics NAV.
  • 2014: Open Door Technology celebrates 22 years in business with one of the largest Dynamics NAV customer bases in North America and over 30 contractors and staff members.
  • 2014: Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to be the most popular Dynamics product with over 100,000 customers world-wide and over 2,000,000 users.