Open Door Technology has signed on to provide Equisys Zetadocs and Zetafax for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Equisys produces software solutions for production, delivery, and management of documents to help organizations automate manual processes, cut paper use, save time and money, and reduce their carbon footprint.  One common thread across many organizations in today’s electronic world is how to automate the distribution of invoices by email or fax without handling all of the paper that is typically involved in the invoicing process.  As well, there are definite challenges tracking incoming electronic information.  Equisys offers excellent choices for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics NAV and for a relatively low cost, provides outstanding benefits.  Invoicing processes that used to take days can now be processed in a day or less.  Incoming documents can be automatically directed to the correct recipient.  This article highlights only Zetadocs and Zetafax but there are a number of other products offered by Equisys.

For more information on how to use Zetadocs or Zetafax with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please contact