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Open Door Celebrates 18 Years in Business

Open Door Celebrates 18 Years in Business

“It was eighteen years ago on April 1, 1992 that I left my position as a Senior Manager in KPMG’s Information Systems Group to start my own business. A scary move for someone with five kids and mortgage payments but I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

“In those days I sold a DOS accounting package called Platinum from a company in Irvine, California. We added a few staff, began development using a package called Magic, took on Platinum’s upscale product, and weathered the changes as Platinum changed their company name to Epicor and moved to Windows.

“In 2000 we became aware of an accounting package from Denmark named Navision. What caught my interest was the Platinum dealer representative’s comment that he had heard that the Navision users really loved the software, something that I did not always hear about the new version of Platinum for Windows. We checked it out in February of 2000 and loved it, as well.

“We became authorized resellers in April and in the next fourteen months, we sold fifteen Navision deals. We were off and running, but not without a few bumps. We continue to be loyal fans and could still be said to “love” the software.”

Malcolm Roach, President and founder of Open Door