Blog / ODT Service 365 now on AppSource for Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials Users

ODT Service 365 now on AppSource for Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials Users

ODT Service 365 app now available on Microsoft AppSource

ODT Service 365 with planned maintenance capability delivers a simple to use service module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and is now available on Microsoft’s AppSource here.

Essentials is all you need for Service, with a 43% cost saving

Before the release of ODT Service 365, Business Central users only had the option of licensing the Premium user licenses for access to Microsoft’s Service Management module. This was the case even if only one user in the organization required access to Service functionality. Unfortunately, companies have had to choose between all Essentials users or all Premium users, which represent a 43% price increase. Any organization requiring either Service or Manufacturing was forced onto the Premium user licenses.

The ODT Service 365 app runs on top of the Business Central Jobs module, which only requires the Essentials user license. While the Service app does add a small cost to the Essentials license, it can be licensed for active users only, with a minimum charge. The combination of being able to utilize the Essentials user licenses and only charging for active users can save customers a significant amount, particularly when the number of service users is quite a bit lower than the total number of named users on the system.

Even more capabilities coming soon

The first release of the ODT Service 365 app is designed to function as a work order system with planned maintenance capability. It allows the tracking of internal service units or those owned by customers. Service templates allow for predefined service actions, such as oil changes, or can be used as sub-assemblies in other templates. Groups of templates can be combined into service plans for service units.

The next release of the app, due in a few months, will bring over the date planning capability and maintenance planning worksheet from our Dynamics NAV Preventative Maintenance module. Additional releases will add tracking of unlimited usage types per service unit with integration to vendor GPS systems for telematics capability.

Integrate with Rentals

Integration to the ODT Rentals 365 apps for North America and the RoW (Rest of World) will happen in the same timeframe. The highlight of this integration is the ability to charge repair expenses back to a customer rental contract. While customers can currently utilize most of the service capability through the Business Central mobile app, plans are in place to offer additional functionality to mobile users through the development of suitable PowerApps.

Please contact us for a no-obligation conversation to learn exactly how the ODT Service 365 and ODT Rentals 365 apps can help your rental company run smoother.

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