Blog / ODT Service 365 app with planned maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ODT Service 365 app with planned maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you sure your rental equipment is ready for the next job? We've got an app for that.

Anyone who relies on servicing equipment in their business knows how important it is to both handle repairs and manage ongoing planned maintenance. Most people know of the proverb referring to the loss of a nail ultimately causing the loss of a battle. Similarly, improperly handling equipment preparation, return inspections, repairs, or planning maintenance can mean the loss of an expensive piece of equipment because simple service was not carried out in a timely manner.


Simple to use with advanced service and planned maintenance functionality

The ODT Service 365 app, due for publishing in the second quarter of 2019 in Microsoft’s AppSource, offers a simple to use service app capable of handling the advanced requirements listed previously. We are currently finalizing the move of our advanced service and planned maintenance module created for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to its successor, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As part of the re-design, our new Service app utilizes the less expensive Essentials user license.


ODT Service 365 is built on top of the Job Cost module

Our advanced service functionality for Business Central is built on top of the Job Cost module, which only requires the less expensive Essentials power user license and takes advantage of some features found in Job Cost and not the Service Management module.


ODT Service 365 works with or without ODT Rentals 365

The ODT Service 365 app can be utilized with or without integration to the ODT Rental app so now non-rental companies can take advantage of the advanced service and planned maintenance functionality.


Buying Essentials users rather than Premium users avoids a 43% markup on user licenses

The financial impact of being able to utilize the lower cost Essentials power user license instead of the Premium license is quite significant by allowing the organization to avoid a 43% markup from the standard Essentials license. If a company with 20 users was forced to purchase Premium users because two of the users needed access to service, this would cost an extra $600 USD per month and $7,200 USD per year, just for the incremental difference between the two license types. For a 50 user organization the numbers would be $1,500 USD per month and $18,000 per year.


ODT Service 365 is the foundation for field service and oilfield

Using the Business Central Job Cost module also adds significant flexibility to the service module and planned maintenance. Options will be available to enhance ODT Service 365 to handle field tickets and oilfield service tickets, something not easily done with the standard Service Management module.


Power Apps opens up a world of enhanced productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with solid apps for smartphones and tablets, which run within an optimized browser format.  The browser design prevents access to the standard capability of the mobile device. By using Power Apps for our second generation mobile clients the user will have access to the camera, can capture signatures, and scan barcodes and perhaps RFID in the future. In addition, the user interface can be optimized for field users instead of screen that still looks somewhat like a simplified accounting system.


Contact us for more information on how our ODT Service 365 app could work for your organization and help you keep track of maintaining your rental equipment, if you are in that business.


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