Simplify your rental equipment and maintenance tracking process with a seamless, integrated solution.

The ODT Rentals 365 and ODT Service 365 Connector add-on, you can use these two apps simultaneously and save time.

If you can't keep up, that means lost revenue

As a rental business owner, you know how difficult it can be to manage repairs and important ongoing maintenance on your rental equipment. Delays in return inspections, service tickets, and repairs means damaged assets and lost revenue.

The ODT Rentals 365 and ODT Service 365 Connector app is fully integrated and built on top of the Jobs module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It enables you to use ODT Rentals 365 and ODT Service 365 together. For example, with the Connector app, you can link a Rental unit to a Service unit in ODT Service 365 (Service alone offers only Items and Fixed Assets as links) and additional service unit statuses that are applicable only to rental units.

ODT Rentals 365 is one complete cloud-based, integrated system for rentals and financials that manages rental units, quotes, short or long term contracts, and recurring invoices with complete real-time visibility into your rental operations. ODT Service 365 is a simple to use business module that extends the power of Dynamics 365 Business Central Jobs. It provides specialized tools to track your internal and external equipment maintenance needs and helps you streamline daily rental business operations.

Supported EditionsEssentials and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Supported Countries: United States and Canada 


Features and benefits of the Connector app


Create a service ticket for a rental unit from the rental unit card


Create a service ticket for a rental unit from the rental contract line (where the rental unit is entered)


Create the linked service unit for a rental unit in the “Copy Rental Unit” function

The link on the rental unit card will display the related service unit, so you can view service history for the rental unit

Mark a service ticket as “Chargeback” to transfer the billable lines to the rental contract for invoicing

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