Send regular payments to multiple vendors more efficiently

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Are you looking for a more efficient way to send regular payments to multiple vendors?

ODT EFT 365 works through any Canadian bank to send batch payments to your Canadian vendors, Canadian vendors in USD (if permitted and supported by your local bank), and US Vendors (if permitted and supported by your bank). 

By using the standard Dynamics 365 Business Central data exchange framework and data definition, ODT EFT 365 provides an easy solution for EFT, and also supports one or more bank accounts with multiple EFT export formats and different currency. ODT EFT 365 provides support for multiple EFT bank formats, including Accounts Payable payments.

Supported banks include:

Royal Bank  •  Bank of Montreal  •  HSBC Bank  •  Alberta Treasury Branch  •  Toronto Dominion •  Canadian Western Bank  •  CPA Standard 005  •  Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce  •  National Bank  •  Scotia Bank 

 ODT EFT 365 is exclusive to Canadian clients and is not designed for sending payments from a bank based in the US.

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