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Mobility solutions to mobilize your field workers and increase profitability

Increase field worker efficiency by automating processes with mobility solutions to mobilize your field workers. What exactly does this statement mean? Often when you’re reading about a new product or service you’ll see words and phrases like increasing efficiency, automating processes, leveraging resources, and increasing profitability.  These are all big statements to make about any product or service and sometimes we wonder if they can live up to the hype.

How can automating field worker’s processes increase efficiency? Any organization that employs field workers knows there is a lot of work to be done to process the gathered information into their ERP system. Replacing a paper based system with a wireless handheld device for information capture can eliminate errors, save time on data entry and transportation, which all translate into money saved.

Pairing a rugged hand held device with a TaskMaster enterprise field mobility suite has many advantages. The field worker’s handheld device has easy-to-follow and intuitive, metadata driven electronic forms and selection lists. These controlled processes result in high quality information being captured quickly in the field which is then transmitted via any wireless network to back-end office systems for immediate processing.

The exchange of real-time data means updates are sent automatically and information is received throughout the day. Customers can be invoiced immediately which shortens the billing cycle and debtor days significantly.

There are many other advantages to a TaskMaster field mobility solution including satellite navigation technologies, personnel safety locator, and tailored workflows to fit any workflow requirement.

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By Malcolm Roach of Open Door Technology

Article originally appeared on the Accounting Software Review Blog