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Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a VP of Operations

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Now that the sales department has sold the company’s products and services, your group has to deliver. Maintaining a careful balance between supply and demand and watching costs is critical to the success and profitability of your organization.

In today’s business environment, a powerful and reliable management information system is the foundation piece you need. Costing, quality control, scheduling, access to scarce resources, expediting and optimization of operating practices are just a few of the things you need to consider on a daily basis.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution available from Open Door Technology provides a real-world answer to your company’s issues.

With standard modules for manufacturing, warehouse management, and job cost, it also allows you to configure the system to match your unique business requirements.

This flexibility offers your company access to significant competitive advantages and operational efficiencies through the use of a rapid application development toolkit that delivers high-quality code with a minimum of time and cost. Some of the more unique features available to assist you in your role as vice president of operations include:

  • Real-Time Operations and Financial Data – Your information is as up-to-date as the last posted transaction. This allows operational and financial decisions to be made based on current data and that be easily displayed in a dashboard format using a number of different products.
  • A Comprehensive Supply Chain Management System – The wide functionality available within Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows a company to meet its needs right from marketing through to receipt of the payment from the customer.
  • Manage Demand Planning and Minimize Inventory – The flexible manufacturing, distribution, advanced warehousing and service management modules allow the software to be configured to match your company’s requirements.
  • Enhanced Warehousing Capabilities – Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a number of warehousing modules including portable bar code readers to enhance receiving, stocking, picking, shipping, warehouse optimization, and returns functions, among others.
  • Accessibility of Information – All information is immediately available from a summary report level down to the detailed transactions underlying the report.
  • A Completely Integrated System – Never again will precious resources and time be wasted on trying to integrate a variety of third-party systems. Information is immediately available to all users. System upgrades become much simpler as well.
  • Configuration to Fit Best Business Practices – The system can be installed as an off-the-shelf solution or configured to fit best practices available for your organization.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Microsoft Dynamics NAV is priced as a mid-market package and saves significant amounts in the cost of the software, the initial implementation and the ongoing software assurance program.
  • Guaranteed Software Investment From Microsoft – As one of the key applications from Microsoft Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV continues to be enhanced through a significant portion of a $1B research and development budget. As long as a customer remains current on their annual software enhancement program, Microsoft guarantees a free software license upgrade to any new technology it brings out.
  • Web Portals – The system allows web portals to be easily configured to match the unique requirements of your salespersons or customers.
  • E-Commerce – A powerful e-commerce solution is available, which allows all customer, item, and vendor information to be maintained directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Web maintenance is significantly reduced while still maintaining the security needed for today’s Internet environment.

Read why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the most popular mid-market ERP software system in the world with over 100,000 customers. Contact us with any questions you have about getting started with a Dynamics NAV system in your organization.