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Microsoft Dynamics NAV – 74,000 customers and growing

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is no longer the surprise management information in North America that it used to be.  Ten years ago when it began to sell into Western Canada, very few people had heard of Navision and most sales calls were a lesson on educating prospects on the reasons why they should consider the solution.  Navision was originally developed in Denmark and was designed to take advantage of the new technology available within Windows and innovative ways of developing software code.  The result was a solution with only 265,000 lines of code, compared to one of its competitors who had advertised themselves as having 22,000,000 as an example of their extensive functionality.  With an average bug rate of one per thousand lines of code in any development project, you can begin to see some of the advantages of an efficient design.

In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as it is now called, has been significantly easier to upgrade to new generations of technology and adapt for customer requirements.  The result is a system with over 74,000 customers and 1,250,000 users.  Sales of Dynamics NAV continue to outstrip that of any other Dynamics or mid-market ERP system and the future looks good.  If you’re looking for something between QuickBooks and SAP R/3, you should consider Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the most popular mid-market management information system in the world