Blog / Just because someone says their app is on Business Central doesn’t mean it is

Just because someone says their app is on Business Central doesn’t mean it is

Don't miss the mark. Get the real deal with the full Business Central platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a game changer in the mid-market ERP space and it is causing serious disruption for its competitors. If you were familiar with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software, you might be aware that it was the most popular mid-market ERP or accounting system in the world, by far. Basically, if you moved up from QuickBooks, there was a good chance you moved to Dynamics NAV. I say “was” because Dynamics NAV has graduated into Dynamics 365 Business Central, which can be implemented in-house or online.

A major part of the reason why Business Central is changing the game is because of its ability to rapidly upgrade the software, to the point where if you are an online customer, you potentially can receive automatic semi-annual updates from Microsoft at no cost. Although, to play in that game as a software developer, you have to convert all of your business applications or apps into a new development language called Visual Studio AL (Application Language).

Beware of hybrid offerings

Some software vendors are taking advantage of a special hybrid offering that defers this conversion requirement by allowing the legacy Dynamics NAV code to temporarily run in a Business Central environment, but doesn’t eliminate the long-term need to convert the code.

This means you may be waiting years for the fully converted product. Maybe that’s not an issue for you, but it does defer much of the advantages of implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central. Picking a system today that is fully on the Business Central platform gives you major advantages as to deployment and upgrade options. It also minimizes your long-term cost with the option of free upgrades.

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