Blog / ODT Service 365 app with planned maintenance can be integrated with ODT Rental 365 app for Business Central

ODT Service 365 app with planned maintenance can be integrated with ODT Rental 365 app for Business Central

New ODT Service 365 app - planned maintenance capability that integrates with your rental software system

Servicing rental equipment is expensive but even more so if planned maintenance is ignored. The cost of the failure of a major component such as a motor or transmission can wipe out a year or more of rental profit for a rental unit. The solution is to employ a system for planned maintenance that can be integrated to your rental software system.

Open Door Rental Software will soon be releasing its new Service app built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the second quarter of 2019. Not only do you gain access to the most popular ERP system in the world, Business Central, but you can utilize one integrated system for rentals, service, and financials. If you have outgrown entry level systems such as QuickBooks or want an integrated system, Business Central is your best choice.

It’s easy to use but still offers planned maintenance capability

Computer systems aren’t any good unless they are easy to learn and even easier to use. Business Central, combined with the ODT Rentals 365 app and the ODT Service 365 app, offers that combination to users. If you are used to working with Microsoft Office, you will feel right at home when you start up Business Central.

The planned maintenance capability includes key features such as service units, internal or external tracking, service templates for repeatable service actions, and user-defined checklists. A planning engine allows service managers to require preparation inspections, return inspections, equipment repairs, and scheduled maintenance based on time or usage intervals.

ODT Service 365 requires only the Business Central Essentials user license – a 43% cost savings from the Premium user license

The ODT Service 365 app utilizes the Business Central Job Cost module, which uses the much less expensive Essentials power user license. Adding advanced service functionality to Job Cost also takes advantage of unique Job Cost capability and integrations to the rest of the Business Central system.

A company with 25 users forced to purchase Premium users just because two of the users needed access to the standard Business Central service management module would cost an extra $750 USD per month and $9,000 USD per year. For a 50 user company the difference is even greater at $1,500 USD per month and $18,000 per year.

Implement Service now and Rentals later

The ODT Service 365 app can be used without integration to the ODT Rental app in case you want to implement service now and rentals later.

ODT Service 365 is designed to handle field tickets and oilfield service tickets

For nearly 20 years Open Door Technology has been using the Dynamics NAV jobs module for tracking field tickets of various kinds. Now that Dynamics NAV has evolved into Dynamics 365 Business Central, we are continuing this design by using Business Central’s Job Cost module to add significant flexibility for service and planned maintenance requirements.

Almost unlimited mobile flexibility is now available through Microsoft PowerApps

Users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have access to free mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, which utilize an optimized browser format. While the app is a great solution, the browser design limits access to the hardware features of the mobile device. The use of PowerApps for alternative mobile clients means the user can utilize the camera, signature capability, and the scanner. Using PowerApps allows the developer to design a simple to use interface suitable for field users.

Contact us for more information and learn how the ODT Service 365 app could work for your business, with optional integration with ODT Rentals 365.

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