Streamline your supply chain and get happier customers

A scalable, robust inventory system to keep your growing company ahead of the pack

A Dynamics NAV inventory system that lets you sleep at night

Get a complete picture of your business from one place. Business intelligence tools provide insights to manage inventory and improve customer satisfaction.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Wholesale Distribution

A robust inventory management system, fully integrated to job cost, manufacturing, advanced warehousing, service, purchasing, and sales. No matter which way your business turns, Dynamics NAV is ready.

Change is inevitable. Don’t be caught napping. Choose an inventory management system with the flexibility and capability to grow.

Key Challenges facing the Wholesale Distribution Industry


At a certain point, entry level systems just can’t cut it.  Choose a system capable of growing with you.


Business needs can change overnight. Be ready.


Choose a system that works from entry level to advanced warehousing.



Customer satisfaction depends on inventory accuracy.


Job cost, manufacturing, advanced warehousing, service, purchasing, and sales



Your counter people need real-time information.

Dynamics NAV for Wholesale Distribution


From simple to advanced capability


Real-time links to GL, AR, and AP


Job cost, manufacturing, service, purchasing, and sales

Ease of use

Familiar interface, ready access to key information.

Mobile App

Competitive pressures and customer demands are forcing change and mobility has one of the fastest paybacks.  Choose  online or offline options for enable warehouse, yard, delivery, and field technicians to keep your inventory up-to-date.  Capture signatures and take pictures.

Use the device of your choice, whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Windows, IOS, or Android, all are available and work seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 system.  Push inventory requirements out and get real-time data back.  Process inventory transactions in the warehouse or in the field.  Choose from a selection of default user roles to configure the system for your users.  Assign security roles to control access to sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dynamics NAV handle warehouse automation?

There are many options including some powerful add-on products suitable for niche industries.

We need real-time in inventory.

You’re in the right place.  Updates in the system are real-time throughout financial and operating modules.

Can the system grow from location to managing large warehouses?

Implement what you want right now and roll out functionality as needs change.

What inventory costing methods are available?

The common ones include FIFO, average, standard, and specific costing for serialized inventory.

What about manufacturing options?

All inventory consumed or produced through manufacturing is linked to inventory on a real-time basis.

Should we start from an entry level system?

Dynamics NAV will handle entry level to advanced warehousing, avoiding having to go through one or more system upgrades.

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