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Rent more and invoice faster with cloud ERP software tailored to fit the unique challenges of the oilfield service industry.

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Oilfield Equipment Rental and Service Software

Providing service and rental equipment to the oilfield industry often means dealing with remote locations and hazardous situations. Customers require unique pricing and integration to a variety of electronic invoicing systems. Your equipment may be out in the field for months at a time, but may only be billed for actual days used. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you need a scalable ERP platform that is capable of handling the complexities of the oilfield service industry. Open Door’s Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is that system.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central for Oilfield Equipment Rental and Service?

Manage your oilfield service and equipment rental business with industry-leading accounting, inventory, business intelligence, and project costing. You also get:

  • Equipment Availability 
    Software capable of tracking an unlimited number of customer ship-to locations and then recording subsequent equipment moves.
  • Real-Time Rental Status
    With GPS-enabled web services, you can maintain real-time rental status for all equipment to allow you to quickly determine what is available to rent.
  • Variable Invoicing 
    Bill for a variable number of days in a period, populating your periodic usage table from an electronic file such as a spreadsheet or integrated mobile device.
  • Inventory Management 
    Always know where your equipment is and make a better plan with demand forecasting.
  • Electronic Invoicing System Integration
    Integration module that automatically integrates into a number of the most popular invoicing systems in use by your customers.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Track equipment maintenance requirements and make sure the work gets done on time, even if the equipment is located out in the field.

How to Boost Rental Profits

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Trust Your Technology to Oilfield Service Experts

By leveraging both industry-proven solutions and adapting existing applications to individual needs as required, we can meet the promise to deliver what you expect, so your technology is sound for the life of your business. If you have any questions about your oilfield rental and service management, contact us and talk to someone with over 30 years of oilfield service experience.