Sometimes less is more

Move away from complex fund-based accounting systems. Talk to us about a simpler and less expensive option, one that still fulfills the fund balancing requirements for some non-profit entities.

“Non-profit” can mean a lot of things but it doesn’t have to be complicated

The term, “Non-profit”, covers a lot of organization types. This can be from a local school group fundraiser right up to a multi-national group with major fund-raising arms and charitable initiatives. There are some, such as municipalities, where there are some extremely complex requirements around union management and benefits administration. Generally, these types of clients are not who we are looking for.

Who we are looking for are non-profit organizations who need solid financial reporting and perhaps basic fund accounting, although Dynamics NAV already does an excellent job of reporting on a wide variety of cost centers. In addition, there is excellent capability for complex payroll (including unions), basic HR, and operational activities including purchasing, miscellaneous sales, service management, and inventory management.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your non-profit organization

Let’s face it, non-profit organizations have it tough. They are being asked for more all the time but budgets are shrinking, especially as governments asks for more responsibility without a corresponding increase in budgets. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an exceptional, cost-effective financial solution, capable of scaling up to almost any size, and with the exceptional flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements. It’s Microsoft Office “look and feel” will make it easy to learn. You won’t regret your choice.

Ask about our “Express” implementation package, which offers major savings over typical implementations. If you don’t need fund accounting, there are even more savings!

Key challenges facing organizations regardless of industry

Do more with less

Requirements are increasing, budget are shrinking. Dynamics NAV is a cost-effective option with unlimited potential.

Increasing regulation

Taxes, safety, and payroll changes all increase the regulatory burden. Dynamics NAV reduces your risk.

Complex financial reporting

Non-profit often means complex reporting. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV GL module offers flexible account and cost center tracking.

Capital investment

Many organizations have large investments in infrastructure and facilities.  Dynamics NAV has options for depreciation and asset maintenance.

Third party systems

The uniqueness of many non-profit operating models often necessitates the use of third party solutions.  Dynamics NAV comes with 44 built-in API’s for integration.

Inexperienced staff

Some people seem to stick around forever but not volunteers.  They need something easy to learn and use.

Dynamics NAV for Non-profit

Financial Accounting

Powerful reporting and “light” fund accounting options


Strong options for third party integration and reporting

Use Anywhere

Wide choice of office or mobile options

Business Intelligence

Many options for business intelligence and dashboards

Mobile App

Non-profit users are often on the go but still need access to key functions and information. Client mobility options include laptops, smartphones, and tablets with real-time links to the accounting and operating modules. Review financial information, check out your financial dashboard, or process transactions from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Use the device of your choice, whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  Windows, IOS, or Android, all are available and work seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 system. Push work requirements out, get real-time data back.  Create documents in the office or the field.  Choose from a selection of default user roles to configure the system for your users.  Assign security roles to control access to sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about charitable donations?

We don’t have a membership tracking system with formal tax receipts but we have a modification to allow any receipt to be issued as a charitable donation.
We have union payroll, do you?
We do. There is a capable service order module with the ability to link to mobile devices.
Can I change my financial setup later?
In many cases, yes. There are a number of options for changing account and cost center tracking later.

How many funds can I have?

Easy, none or many. If you choose to set up fund accounting, you get a simple easy-to-use self-balancing system, thereby removing many of the complexities of fund accounting systems.

Do you have an option for handling work orders?

If you choose the rules-based payroll module and some of our advanced payroll and HR enhancements, you can handle virtually any union requirements, even if an employee works across multiple positions.

Talk with someone with 35 years of non-profit experience

Whether you are a charity, school organization, or any other type of non-profit organization, we would be happy to chat with you about some practical, cost-effective alternatives for accounting systems.