Advance Your Medical Equipment Rental Business with Centralized ERP Software

Optimize your medical device rental operations while improving client experience and profit margins with business management software tailored to the medical equipment rental industry.

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Medical Equipment Rental Software

Medical equipment rental businesses operate in the fast-growing, high-demand healthcare industry. When a medical facility reaches out for specialized devices and equipment, it is often on short notice – and they needed the item yesterday. If your current systems don’t have the functionality and visibility to keep up with escalating client inquiries, increased demand, and changing regulations, you’ll lose customers to another rental organization who can. That’s why knowing the location, pricing, and availability of your rental devices in real-time is integral to your business performance and future success.

To stay ahead of the competition while maximizing profits, medical device rental companies need a centralized, flexible business management solution that provides real-time critical information, industry functionality, and rental integration to operate efficiently and deliver top-notch customer service. The all-in-one ODT Rentals solution provides a user-friendly platform with the advanced rental capabilities required to excel.

We wanted a rental system that was modern and could be supported by a well-established company for the long term. That was a big advantage the integration of Business Central with ODT Rentals offered.

Chandra Shekhar

IT Systems/Business Architect
Country Care Group

Why Choose ODT Rentals to Manage Your Medical Equipment Rental Operations?

ODT Rentals is a scalable rental system that consolidates all your business and rental functions in one system, so you can manage your medical equipment rental company more efficiently. Built on the trusted ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ODT Rentals is designed to reduce time spent in disparate systems, streamline operations, and increase productivity. Our solution includes:

  • Inventory Management
    Know exactly what is in stock right now, so you can plan for forecasted demand.
  • Mobile Access
    Check on what items are available from any device, while you’re assessing client needs.
  • Schedule Maintenance
    Ensure all equipment is inspected, maintained, or repaired, without interfering with client demand.
  • Centralized System
    Curtail manual reconciliation and redundant data entry with all business functions managed in one centralized system.
  • Easy Invoicing
    Easily customize invoices to suit your clients and trust that you’re working from the most up-to-date pricing.
  • Financial Visibility
    Integrating all business units means you can view up-to-date financial performance to optimize decision-making.

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Streamline Operations to Elevate the Client Experience

The faster you can locate equipment and track availability, the faster you can fulfill your clients’ rental demands. Streamlining processes, eliminating redundant manual paperwork, and ensuring easy access to inventory allow your team to deliver the highest possible level of customer service. The simplest way to deliver this heightened customer experience and, in turn, improve profit margins, is to make the shift to a unified ERP system and data repository that connects all areas of your business for real-time decision-making and analysis.

Minimize Turnaround Time with Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Tracking the location, rental, and service history of your medical equipment fleet is paramount to maximizing profits. You need to know what equipment is seeing the highest demand and which items may be phasing out of use. Inventory tracking included in a rental-tailored ERP solution like ODT Rentals gives you the functionality and data insights required to efficiently plan equipment service and maintenance. It not only allows you to manage your inventory and make intelligent capital investment decisions, but it also provides the tools to extend the life of your devices and meet regulatory compliance.

Using Business Central with ODT Rentals across the board has made things easier, and we can handle all the in-house processing. Staff can now handle more sales and revenue, and we don’t need a vendor to sit with us and solve any IT problems due to the different systems anymore.
Chandra Shekhar

IT Systems/Business Architect
Country Care Group

Strategically Grow Your Operations with Real-Time Financial Analysis

To expand your medical equipment rental business, you need access to detailed financial reports and performance analysis. With ODT Rentals, you can easily view accurate financial and operational data across your entire business. In combination with equipment rental-tailored reporting, it provides the insight and analysis to respond to market changes and make strategic decisions, backed by data you can trust. Not only does this aid in business growth, it also saves time – giving your team more time to focus on customer service and business development.

Maximize Medical Rental Profit Margins with More Efficient Systems

Let Open Door Technology help you focus on growing your rental business to better support more clients. Our reliable medical equipment rental ERP software is built for Business Central and flexible to fit your every requirement.


ODT Rentals is a very broad system that can be implemented across many different areas. When we decide to use additional ODT solutions in the future, we know we will get quality support and training from Open Door for our systems people.
Chandra Shekhar

IT Systems/Business Architect
Country Care Group