Handle Mat Rental Logistics with Ease

Accurately track everything from inventory to job costs with cloud-based ERP software built for industrial mat service.

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Industrial Mat Service Software

It’s easy enough to sell mats of various kinds but renting them creates many issues unique to industrial mat service. Whether your customers need access or rig mats, renting mats is all about the handling. With Dynamics 365 Business Central and the mat service experts at Open Door, you get an all-in-one cloud-based ERP solution that helps you manage everything from accounting and invoicing to inventory and logistics. Our mat rental solution allows you to track all revenue and expenses, calculate taxes, manage your field service team, and gain instant visibility into where your mats are at any time.

Why Choose Dynamics 365 Business Central for Mat Rental?

Manage your industrial mat service business with an affordable, easy-to-use ERP system that includes financials, inventory, job costing, and business intelligence. You also get:

  • Manage Mat Shipments
    From 20 to 200 shipments, split your shipments and returns into as many truckloads as you need to get mats delivered to the field.
  • Accurately Track Mat Quantities
    Connect to a mobile system for real-time or near real-time updates of mat status and location.
  • Automate Tax Regulations  
    Connect to an online tax engine to manage the tax calculation and reporting, regardless of where your mats are or have been.
  • Field Ticket Integration
    Push work requirements to the field and capture real-time data like signatures, pictures, and charges for time and other expenses.
  • Analyze Profitability With Job Cost Tracking 
    Our mat rental solution tracks all revenue and expenses regardless of source to use in job profitability analysis.

How to Boost Rental Profits

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Match Equipment to Customer Demand

With extensive experience working in the industrial mat rental space, our rental experts are here to understand your goals and find out how your organization works so we can apply the best systems and technology to meet your needs. If you have questions or would like to see Business Central for mat rental in action, reach out to our team today!