What use is a manufacturing system if it’s too hard to use?

Easy to learn, simple to use, integrated real-time to financials and other operations modules

Flexible, adaptable manufacturing software that can grow with you

One thing about manufacturing, it doesn’t sit still. Whether it is from technology or customer demand, manufacturing needs to keep adapting and changing. Perhaps your business has added new business units and you didn’t have to think about manufacturing until today? Dynamics NAV manufacturing allows you to implement manufacturing in a short timeframe measured in weeks and not years. Discrete manufacturing ideally suited to Make to Order and Make to Stock but easily capable of handling other manufacturing modes. Powerful add-on’s are available if you stray into other areas such as Process manufacturing.

Add visual scheduling, shop floor time collection, order configurators, or quality assurance. These are examples of some of the add-on products available to extend the system’s base functionality. Configuration options allow the system to be configured to fit your requirements today or tomorrow.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your manufacturing company

The number one reason is – it doesn’t lock you in a box. Some systems look good when you first see them but after banging your head against the wall for a while, you begin to realize the limitations you are living with.

Dynamics NAV allows your system to be easily extended by implementing additional advanced functionality, configuration to meet your unique requirements, or through one or more of many powerful industry add-on products. There is almost no limit to what Dynamics NAV manufacturing can do, all very cost-effectively.

Key Challenges facing the Manufacturing Industry

Intense competition

It takes agility to stay ahead of the game. Don’t get left behind!

Real-time data

The move to lean manufacturing requires real-time information.


Requirements do not stand still and your system needs to be flexible.

Duplicate systems

Entering the same data into more than one system is craziness! Get off that train.


Customer satisfaction will suffer greatly without accurate information.

Ease of use

Manufacturing systems are hurt by high levels of complexity.

Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing


Real-time integration with the financial modules


Direct integration with sales including available and capable to promise


Simpler options for “Assemble to Order” where shop floor control is not required

Business Intelligence

Real-time information to support business decisions

Mobile App

The drive to have more and better information reflects itself in the need for mobile solutions in the hands of non-traditional users. Critical data can be pushed to mobile users or documents can be created or modified in real-time mode by a variety of users. Sales can process quotes and orders, or check customer balances or history. Purchasers can check purchase history or issue purchase orders. Shop floor personnel can capture time sheet information on mobile devices or check up on production requirements. Assign security roles to control access to sensitive information. Configure the user interfaces to simplify screens and increase productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will manufacturing work with standard cost?

Yes, not only does it work with standard cost, it provides a standard cost worksheet to help you update costs over time.

How integrated is the inventory module?

The inventory module is critical to operation of the manufacturing module. Consume and output inventory. Use MRP to calculate time-sensitive inventory requirements.
Are there better manufacturing systems out there?
Interesting question but the answer depends on your requirements and priorities. An easy to use, simple to setup manufacturing module is always going to have fans.

Can I configure production bom’s for unique requirements?

You can create any number of production bom’s or just make the modifications once the production bom has been dropped into a production order.
Are there integrations to third party CAD programs?
Yes, there are some excellent solutions with strong integrations, including for AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Does manufacturing tie into warehousing?

Absolutely! You can utilize warehousing to do your picks for the manufacturing process.

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