Centralize Your Equipment Dealership and Rental Operations

Accurately manage equipment sales, rental, and service activities to maximize every source of revenue and cash flow from a single, integrated solution.

For Over 30 Years, Clients Have Trusted Open Door to Fuel Their Success with Technology:

All-In-One Equipment Dealership and Rental Management Software

Selling and renting equipment is complex business, you need a modern, flexible, and scalable business management solution that allows you to effectively operate both the rental and dealership sides of your business smoothly.

Meet ODT Rentals – centralized, intuitive, and highly scalable equipment dealership and rental software built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to give you the foundation for limitless growth. Gain the superior sales, rental, service, inventory tracking, trade, and financial capabilities your dealership and rental operations need to maximize profit, optimize operations, and stay competitive.

Why Manage Your Dealership Operations with ODT Rentals?

Here at Open Door Technology, we deliver scalable dealership, service, and rental management solutions built to meet the distinctive needs of growing equipment dealership and rental businesses.

Flexible and user-friendly, our tailored solutions are designed to help you easily track equipment, maximize revenue, reduce costs, streamline processes, and increase productivity across all areas of your operation. Specific equipment dealership capabilities include:

  • Sales and Purchasing
    Empower your sales team with real-time data access and tools to quickly build sales and purchase quotes, process equipment trades on sales orders, and close more deals.  
  • Real-Time Inventory Availability
    Maximize revenue from rental and sales by knowing exactly where your equipment is, when it‘s coming back, and the service status of each unit.
  • Trade-In Processing 
    Easily calculate trade-in premiums, apply sales adjustments, generate customer net invoices, and add units to inventory. 
  • Service Management  
    Schedule and track repairs and planned maintenance activities including creating work orders, assigning technicians, tracking service history, and generating maintenance schedule.
  • Warranty Tracking
    Easily create warranty claims and track multi-level warranty plans on units, including the ability to offer service contracts from third party warranty vendors.
  • Flexible Costing Methods
    Add service costs for parts, labor, and third-party charges against the cost of both new and used inventory units or fixed assets.

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Simplify Complex Dealer Processes and Enhance Revenue Streams

When you manage an equipment dealership and rental operation, your business has a lot of moving parts that need to be managed and optimized effectively.

From accounting and inventory to service and tracking, ODT Rentals and ODT Service provides the centralized financial management platform and specialized functionality required to automate key processes, eliminate errors, increase visibility, and best of all, boost your profits.

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Access Sales, Service, and Inventory Data from Anywhere

Built in the Microsoft cloud, our equipment dealership management software includes several modern features necessary to increase employee productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

Not only does ODT Rentals and ODT Service with Business Central connect each area of your business seamlessly, but it is also easy to use and learn. Whether you have multiple locations, or your sales team works remotely, real-time data and reports are accessible anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Grow Your Dealership, Maximize Margins, and Increase Service Revenue with a Proven, Centralized System

Our intuitive and innovative equipment dealership management software is built on reliable, scalable Microsoft cloud technology, and flexible enough to fit your every requirement.