There isn’t enough room to list all the industries where Dynamics NAV works well

Dynamics NAV has proven adaptable to almost any circumstance with a very flexible general ledger structure, a full set of financial modules, and advanced modules for operations, including manufacturing, advanced warehousing, service management, and jobs,  As a result, it is the number one mid-market accounting and ERP product in the world with more than 3,000,000 users.

Dynamics NAV doesn’t force you into a box

You have all heard of the stories where companies who buy tier one ERP systems spend years trying to implement the software and projects end because of user exhaustion.  Dynamics NAV allows the system to be configured to fit your business, not the other way around.  In contrast to the comments you often hear from users of tier one systems, who hate their software, Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) caught our attention when a competitor mentioned they didn’t know much about Navision except its users “really loved the software”.  That is quite a testimonial and it’s true.  Yes, your users will need to learn a new system, but the speed, flexibility, and ease of use will impress all but the most difficult employees.  No matter what industry you find yourself in, Dynamics NAV should be at the top of the list for your consideration.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your company

If you want to be a leader, you need to choose a system capable of bringing your business vision to your customers. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is that system. With industry-leading flexibility and scalability with 90% of the functionality of a tier one system for a fraction of the cost. Implement your new system in months, not years. Grow your business and don’t outgrow your system.

Key challenges facing organizations regardless of industry


Duplicate data entry

Entering the same data into more than one system can result in significant errors, delays, and dissatisfied customers.


There are many unique businesses in the world. How do you find a system flexible to handle the variety?

Complex reporting

There is more demand for timely, accurate information. Organizations are continually changing and needs change.

Entry level systems

Everyone knows the entry systems out there. They are inexpensive and great options, until you outgrow them.


Depending on spreadsheets to manage your organization is a risky proposition.

Increasing regulation

Taxes, safety, and payroll changes all increase the regulatory burden. A good system can reduce your risk.

Mobile App

Go mobile or go home.  Wait, maybe that wasn’t the right phrase, but the thought is headed in the right direction.  Increased demands for information means information needs to be at the fingertips of users when and where they need it, which isn’t necessarily in the office.

Increasing mobile options exist for mid-market accounting and ERP systems.  On-line or offline?  Transaction processing or business intelligence?  Need a dashboard, they’re available and easy to set up through applications like Power BI.  Push data to the field, get updates back in real-time.  There is no longer a need to re-input field data.  Powerful add-on options exist to capture signatures, takes pictures, and print to a mobile printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it run in the cloud?

Dynamics NAV has excellent options for in-house, hosted, and cloud solutions. Choose what makes sense for you and in many cases that means you can change your mind as your needs change.
Do I have to customize the system for my unique requirements?
In many, cases, no. Dynamics NAV is exceptionally flexible and in most cases you won’t need to consider customization.
Does customization break my upgrade process?
Good question! With the newer versions of Dynamics NAV, customizations can be created using code extensions, which can easily be unapplied, the system quickly upgraded, and then re-applied.

Can you copy and paste from Excel?

Yes, you can in some key areas, such as general journals. Very useful.

Why do users “love” the software “so much”?

It’s user interface looks exactly like the Microsoft Office products, which most people are familiar with. Stable, fast, and flexible, all characteristics everyone will love.

How large can this system grow?

Dynamics NAV can grow to hundreds of concurrent users, which means only the very largest Fortune 500 companies will need to find another solution. In many cases, Dynamics NAV manages the operations divisions for large, multi-national organizations.

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