To be a leader you need more than an accounting system

The lucky few can find a system tailored for their industry. We have listed a few below. For the rest, you need a system capable of being configured so you don’t live your life in a box.

Dynamics is a fit for your industry

Today’s business leaders find ways to do more with less.  That process starts with technology, whether in the operations group or in your business system.  There are accounting and ERP systems designed for specific industries but often they are legacy systems with outdated infrastructure and user interfaces.  Microsoft Dynamics offer a number of industry-specific solutions and for others a highly configurable solution and flexible architecture mean that the system can be adapted to fit the unique business requirements that give you a competitive advantage or provide the processing efficiencies you are looking for.

Key Industries for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Oilfield Service

Automate functions such as field tickets validation, invoicing and various HR activities, freeing up your time to focus on being a leader in the industry. Learn more.

Equipment Rental

Solve problems with inflexible rental terms, limited access to real-time information and inefficient invoicing cycles with a single database. Learn more.

Wholesale Distribution

Optimize inventory with better visibility of stock and improved business intelligence. Flexible enough to handle your unique requirements. Learn more.


Easily adapt your business processes to accommodate changing workloads and customer requirements. Learn more.


Taxes, safety, and payroll changes all increase the regulatory burden. Dynamics NAV reduces your risk. Learn more.

Additional Industries

Implement a cost-effective solution with room to grow as requirements changes, or to cope with growth. Learn more.

Trying to decide between a Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud or In-House system?

Still a place for purchased licenses

Choose in-house for complete control. Hosted or in-house servers offer flexibility

The future of the cloud is now

Choose the cloud for ultimate flexibility. 75% of new customers are looking for a cloud system

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