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How many companies are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft recently released the number of companies using their various Dynamics products and, once again, Microsoft Dynamics NAV tops the list with the most new additions and the highest number of customers worldwide. The Microsoft Dynamics products gained market share as a whole with GP and NAV having an increase of 30% more customer ads and AX having over 30% license growth in North America over the last 6 months.

Dynamics NAV is the most popular mid-market ERP system in the world, which gives it significant momentum when it comes to driving innovation and product development. One of the reasons for its success is Dynamics NAV’s ability to quickly integrate to virtually any industry across multiple languages and currencies. The result is a strong worldwide user community and significant growth year over year.

The Dynamics NAV product has undergone some significant updates with the NAV 2015 release and continues to implement new improvements and technology improving its flexibility and scalability.  In addition to Windows, browser, and SharePoint clients, users now have the option of a client optimized for a variety of tablet platforms, offering great mobile flexibility.

We look forward to seeing how the world-wide customer base will continue to push innovation in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The 2015 breakdown of the Microsoft Dynamics customers worldwide by product is:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 20,000 companies (formerly 19,000 companies in 2014)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 47,000 companies  (formerly 47,000 companies in 2014)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 110,000 companies (formerly 102,000 companies in 2014)
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 13,500 companies (formerly 13,500 companies in 2014)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 40,000+ companies and 4.4 million users (formerly 40,000 companies and 4 million users in 2014)