Blog / Day 1 at Directions NAV North America Conference in Orlando

Day 1 at Directions NAV North America Conference in Orlando

There is a lot of exciting news as Microsoft continues to integrate its productivity and business applications, expand their cloud offerings, and put more power in the hands of the end user.

Microsoft partners got an in-depth preview of Dynamics 365 as well as the next installment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, code named “Tenerife”, at the Directions North America 2017 event in Orlando, Florida.

The newest release of Dynamics NAV promises full NAV functionality, a single product for both on-premise and cloud deployment, powerful base functionality with great options for customizations, integration with social media, and even greater connectivity to Microsoft products including Outlook.

NAV users can now do more tasks without leaving Outlook. Customer requests received by email can be scanned to automatically create a draft quote and can be converted to an order. The customer receives a link to pay the invoice from a list of their credit cards.

In addition to the base functionality in Tenerife, available apps from Microsoft will extend the capability of the Dynamics NAV system and make tailoring the system easier than ever.

A couple of exciting apps to extend functionality in Dynamics NAV “Tenerife”

  • Accountant API – the accountant can see a list view of clients in his/her NAV system who have given the accountant approval for accessing their system as well as track tasks with priority and date management, manage recurring tasks, and accomplish tasks within the accountant’s hub.
  • Bookings – utilize API’s to accept bookings through Facebook and automatically process with NAV Invoicing.
  • Other API’s are also available from Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 – The importance of cloud computing isn’t new to Microsoft.

Microsoft is continuing to build on the growing popularity of cloud computing in all their products, but particularly in Dynamics 365. Marco Perisic, the general manager for Dynamics 365, stated a recent survey found 80 percent of businesses are considering the cloud, whereas only eight percent were not.

An exciting feature is the option to extensively personalize the Dynamics 365 Role Center. Now each user can personalize their own systems by dragging and dropping elements such as fact boxes and fields to suit the user’s preference. Search capability can be used to add fields to list views or pages.

Some Dynamics 365 features to be excited about

Dynamics 365 will be feature expanded functionality to enable more complex business requirements as well as:

  • More connected apps and business API’s.
  • Solution for accountants to service multiple clients.
  • Common data service to connect everything in Microsoft, not just Dynamics.
  • Improved data import, including the ability to retrieve information directly from QuickBooks Online.
  • Data set up in one place through Assisted Setup.
  • Advance warning for setup and other issues instead of after the fact while posting
  • Edit all 17 ledgers using Excel
  • Add transactions to employee records in journals
  • Enhanced scalability in Dynamics 365.
  • Faster processing with new sessions provisioned in 7 seconds.
  • Upgrade speed is less than 30% without interrupting clients.
  • Auto healing has a 98.9% uptime.
  • 40 TB of analytical data stored each month to improve the system.

Dynamics NAV continues to boast cutting edge technology and innovation as Microsoft focuses on connectivity and seamless integrations guaranteed to make your work day easier and your business thrive.

More to come on Day 2 regarding integrated sales and marketing improvements to Dynamics 365.