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Cut Paper, Chop Costs – Field Mobility Solutions Increase Your Bottom Line

Join us for our upcoming webinar on November 30, 2011 at 9:00 am MT and see how a mobility solution addresses common challenge areas for corporations including:

Paperwork Challenge: Paper is easily lost, so why not eliminate it? For organizations with multiple and remote locations the process of organizing paperwork to be sent out and received back in a timely manner can be quite challenging.

Duplicate Data Entry Challenge: Field workers fill out paperwork away from the office and then send the information back to the office to be entered into payroll, invoicing, safety tracking, and asset maintenance. The potential for errors and timing problems with payroll and invoicing is significant.

Invoicing Challenges: Paper field invoices have great potential for error because of the manual calculations required and missing line items. A delay in getting tickets may delay invoices up to 60 days.

Staff Efficiency: Communication between the office and field workers relies on telephone or email which can result in lost information or delays in getting job information. The head office does not have the ability to track progress automatically throughout the day or know where their workers are.

A mobility solution from Open Door Technology can address all of these challenges and more. Join us for a webinar to see how a field mobility solution will revolutionize the way you do business.

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