Common Questions About Open Door Products and Services

What is ODT Rentals?

ODT Rentals is a fully featured, centralized equipment rental management ERP system built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It brings all aspects of the equipment rental operation together and includes robust functionality for financial management, rental contracts, service, maintenance, inventory, HR, warehousing, meter reading, kits, enhanced logistics, real-time reporting, analytics, and more.

The ODT Rentals app works anywhere with an internet connection, including your mobile device of choice, allowing you to create contracts, check availability and service history, and capture photos and signatures from wherever you are to ensure your rental inventory is always accurate.

Learn more about ODT Rentals now.

What is ODT Service?

ODT Service is a fully integrated app for Dynamics 365 Business Central to keep your equipment service schedule perfectly planned so you always have reliable equipment to send out the door when you need to send it.

ODT Service is ideal for growing equipment rental and oilfield service companies. It includes unit tracking, service templates, checklists, and quotes, as well as internal and external service ticketing. Learn more now.

What is ODT Field Ticket?

ODT Field Ticket is a fully integrated app for Dynamics 365 Business Central that allows field staff to accurately submit job details for internal approvals. From your preferred mobile device, you can record services completed, by whom, what equipment was used, and various other details.

ODT Field Ticket integrates with the Job Costing module of Business Central, so you can customize your tickets for specific customer rates or groups, and even campaigns. 

ODT Field Ticket enhances productivity, consolidates costs, and delivers profitability reports from day one. Learn more about ODT Field Ticket now.

What is ODT Advanced Payables?

ODT Advanced Payables is an app designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, offering advanced AP options like automated check signatures and remittances, multiple check formats, and the ability to set up miscellaneous vendors for one-time payouts. Learn more about ODT Advanced payables now.

How is an Equipment Rental ERP like ODT Rentals different from Equipment Rental Software?

ODT Rentals is different from other equipment rental software in that it includes all the usual and advanced rental management capabilities, but it also includes all your other operational management tools such as finance (AP/AR/GL), HR, purchasing, warehousing, inventory, and more through Dynamics 365 Business Central.

To learn more about how an ERP solution like ODT Rentals is different from point system software, read our article: Understanding Equipment Rental Management Systems: ‘ERP’ vs. ‘Software.

How much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cost?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a scalable system, and the cost will vary from business to business based on what services, support, customizations, number of users, and add-on apps your business may need. Multiple access and subscription levels for different users also mean you can control your costs and scale seamlessly.

You can learn more about the pricing for Business Central in our free whitepaper: Open Door’s All-Inclusive Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What is the pricing for Open Door’s products and extensions like ODT Rentals and ODT Service?

Pricing for our cloud ERP offerings, equipment rental software solutions, extensions, and analytics offerings varies based on the requirements and goals of your business. We’re happy to offer you clear and transparent pricing after a brief conversation that allows us to match your needs to our solutions. Request a free, no-obligation quote today.

Does Open Door have any analytics, reporting, or business intelligence solutions?

Yes, Open Door can help you get the reporting and analytics you need with our team of data specialists. From advanced, real-time financials to robust visual dashboards, we can help you successfully turn your business information into valuable insight. We work with three primary solutions for the most accurate and user-friendly reporting and business intelligence tools: 

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What is Open Door’s ERP implementation methodology and approach?

The most important piece to our ERP implementation methodology starts before we even put software in. Our priority is about taking the time to get to know your business and goals. Then we work together developing a plan to deliver exactly what you need with the budget and timeline you have.

We mitigate ERP project risks with a proven methodology that focuses on time, budget, and the most straightforward path to meet your specifications and requirements.

We help control costs with agile project management for the most efficient route to maximum value for your business.

To learn more about how Open Door’s approach to ERP implementations and services, visit our Company page.

Can Open Door help me select an ERP solution for my business?

Yes. We know firsthand that no ERP product or system fits every business, and we don’t succeed unless you do. Our team can help guide you in selecting an ERP that will be best suited for your organization’s needs. To get started, access our free ERP Selection Criteria Checklist for Your Business.