Blog / Cloud and Managed IT Services by Open Door Technology – life is simpler when you don’t have to manage servers!

Cloud and Managed IT Services by Open Door Technology – life is simpler when you don’t have to manage servers!

Managing IT has become exponentially more expensive and risky. While it is virtually impossible to insulate your organization totally from cyberware and ransomware, having a solid Cloud strategy with Managed IT Services greatly reduces your risk.

Outsourcing your key hardware components to the Cloud means your key operating systems are always up-to-date. Turnover in IT staff can cause security issues. Relying on an organization like Microsoft to maintain your hardware, systems, and data reduces this risk in many ways.

In our conversations with organizations seeking managed IT services, we often hear that people want “control over their data” and they don’t trust the security of having their data on the Cloud. We’ve seen that even larger companies struggle to keep up with the pace of technological change and to protect themselves from those with evil intent.

In these troubled times, would you rather trust your systems and data to an organization with essentially unlimited budgets providing the latest hardware and the most qualified people, or to your limited IT department?

ODT Managed IT Services for customers moving key systems to the Cloud

In response to these challenges, Open Door Technology (ODT) offers Managed IT Services for customers interested in moving their key systems to the Cloud. The goal here is to handle network headaches for small to mid-size organizations. Having a Cloud solution allows you to get rid of most or all of your servers.

With ODT Managed IT Services you can forget about server patches, daily backups, database maintenance, system uptimes, and virus protection. ODT Managed IT Services eliminates these tasks while allowing you to pay as you go. In relying on Microsoft Azure services, we have the benefit of all the resources of Microsoft while providing you with the personalized services needed for your organization.

What ODT Managed IT Services offers you

As a key offering, we host Azure-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and accounting systems. As part of our service, we also include SQL and Windows O/S licensing, maintenance, backups, and security solutions. ODT proactively monitors and responds to any service interruptions, in many cases before customers even know there is a potential problem.

As well as ERP and accounting products, we also provide other Cloud-based Microsoft solutions. These include Microsoft and Office 365 products such as Exchange Online, collaboration tools (Teams, SharePoint), and Server and Endpoint protection solutions from Sophos.

Our service packages also include handling IT migration and administration of the Microsoft Cloud Azure Server and related services.

ODT Cloud & Managed IT services expertly cover your core system needs

1. Security Management – We provide a comprehensive, multi-layered, and proactive approach to addressing physical and cyber security threats to help secure our clients’ business by utilizing Sophos security solutions.

2. Strategic planning – We are a Microsoft CSP tier 1 partner and offer unique expertise on helping customers integrate and migrate to cloud solutions. Our senior technology consultants provide assistance to our clients for making complex technology decisions, determine required operational IT expenditures, and to build a future technology roadmap for their business. ODT consultants especially focus on the technology roadmap and processes to integrate or migrate businesses to the cloud based on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 technology.

3. Responsive Support – Our highly skilled support staff provide support (remote worldwide, or on-site in Calgary, AB) to keep customers feeling secure and their systems productive.

4. Proactive Maintenance – We monitor customer systems with a proactive maintenance program to catch issues and prevent system outages, protecting the system before major problems happen.

5. Disaster Recovery – To prepare for disaster striking your system, we can implement different levels of a disaster recovery program where needed to ensure backups are consistently taken and time to system recovery is predictable.

6. Enterprise Application – With our unique expertise and years of experience, we aim to efficiently support customers’ key systems. Our consultants are business application experts with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, we are also able to support many customers’ alternative lines of business applications. We provide both on premise and on cloud enterprise application solutions, as well as systems including Iaas, SaaS, OS, Database, Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, etc.

Let us help. Contact us here for a no obligation chat about offloading your system administration to ODT. Learn more about our Managed IT Services here.

*Did you know Open Door Technology now offers 11 apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central on Microsoft’s AppSource – and the list is growing! Read our previous blog here to learn more about the capabilities of each of these add-on solutions that can help you enhance your business processes.