Blog / April 2019 Enhancement for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Part 2

April 2019 Enhancement for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Part 2

Even more enhancements coming to Business Central in April 2019

As promised, here is the list of improvements to Business Central due in April, 2019 and a couple due after that, probably as a minor release.


Due out in April, 2019

1. User-defined list views

This feature was available in the later versions of Dynamics NAV. Users will now be able to create custom versions of list views and save them with user-defined names. They can include filters on totals and dimensions, filter tokens (such as %MyCustomers) to dynamically filter data and affect sorting. This will be very useful for many users. Improvements have been made to allow developers to build custom list views in Visual Studio code.

2. Improved internal notes

Notes are displayed next to cards and can be added or edited directly on a card. This is for online only.

3. Expansion of lines for easier editing for long documents

This improvement will expand the area utilized by the line section of the document to allow for easier editing for longer documents.

4. Display of work dates and company indicators

Work date is an important component of Business Central but has been hidden in setup until now. It will now be displayed in the work area along with other indicators.

5. Addition of Quick Entry

Available in Dynamics NAV previously, users will now be able to define user-defined data entry paths in documents to allow the user to skip over non-essential fields.

6. New keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have always been a favorite of many users. New ones are available, such as slim/wide page mode, show/hide fact box, add new item, and previous/next navigation, but also better documentation of exactly what shortcuts are available.

7. Autosave indicator

As Business Central automatically saves data as you enter it, saving data has not been a problem, except for new users who are used to systems where data is not automatically saved. A new indicator will display either Saving or Saved on the right side of the screen.

8. Improvements to scrolling in list views

Besides the sizes of key fields being expanded from 50 to 100 characters, as noted in the previous blog, this is probably the biggest improvement. The new lists are going to offer vastly improved grid performance, scrolling, and keyboard navigation. Users will now be able to scroll using the keyboard or scroll bar, all without ever seeing the dreaded “fetching more rows” message.

9. Improved search

Developers can now add alternate search terms. For example, “product” could be used to search for “items.” Business Central is published with around 200 alternate search terms.

10. Optimizing user personalization

Besides the Quick Entry, users will also be able to adjust field importance.


Due out after April, 2019

1. Additional improvements to system indicators

This improvement will add incremental changes to the system indicators available to users.

2. Improved all-product navigation

Users will be able to find functionality through a full list of features available in the product based on the RoleCenters.


Exciting stuff! In the last few years Microsoft has really started investing in improving the Dynamics NAV/Business Central product line and it really shows.

Please contact us to learn more about Business Central and how these new updates could benefit your business.


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