Blog / April 2019 Enhancement for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Part 1

April 2019 Enhancement for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Part 1

Enhancements coming to Business Central in April 2019

Yes! The next major release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in April, 2019 has a number of very interesting and useful enhancements. There’s enough of them that we will need to break them into two blogs. This blog will focus on Application Enhancements.


1. Longer name and description fields

These fields will be expanded from 50 characters to 100, which is going to make a major difference on customers, vendors, items, contacts, and resources. The expanded fields will also be added to various documents including sales and purchase orders, invoices, and quotes. The new description fields will also be available for the general journal, item journal, and various ledger entries.

2. Improved inventory count procedures

This enhancement is based on a German local functionality widely used where large scale inventory counts are required.

3. Select multiple items to add to a document

Instead of having to select multiple items one at a time from a list, the user will be able to select multiple items at one time to be added to a sales or purchase document.

4. Better control over the expiry of sales quotes

Sales & Receivable Setup now includes a date formula to calculate the Quote Valid Until Date field.

5. Customer dimensions are now copied to jobs

This simplifies the dimension setup on jobs.

6. Merge duplicate customers or vendors

This has been a perennial problem for many customers over the years.

7. Show both global and shortcut dimensions in lists, documents, and journal lines

Users will no longer have to bring up the dimension view to enter additional dimension values.

8. Bulk import of pictures

Name the graphic files to match your item numbers and you will be able to do batch pictures.

9. Approval users are added to approval workflows

This will ensure users are properly able to initiate approval workflows.

10. Configure reports for warehouse documents

This is similar to other areas in Business Central and adds a lot of flexibility, especially when combined with the ability to have user-configured reports using Word or SSRS.

11. The vendor invoice number is now displayed on purchase invoice and credit memo lists

This is a small change but hugely important when trying to reconcile vendor accounts. It will be much appreciated.

12. Time information will now be displayed on registers

Hopefully, you will never care because you aren’t having problems tracing transactions but, if you need this, it is a very useful feature.


All of these changes and a few more will be available in the April, 2019 Business Central update. In the next blog we’ll discuss more improvements in a variety of areas. Hint: one of them greatly improves list view performance.

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