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Open Door’s applications include the following functional areas:

Tour Sheets Integrated to Pason

The system allows drillers to download Pason tour sheets over the Internet and import the results directly into fully integrated invoicing, human resources, and payroll, and preventative maintenance modules.  New employees may be added at the rig and equipment scheduled for preventative maintenance based on usage, time interval parameters or last maintenance activity.  Management reports are pulled off for utilization and profitability analysis.


With the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Jobs module, service companies have a 360-degree view of all field activity.  Easily access pertinent information to determine status of a job and measure profitability.  Jobs may be integrated into a custom field ticket system, if desired.  Oilfield Service Software allows companies to have a real-time view of the revenue and costs associated with any job or field ticket.

Human Resources & Payroll

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s rules-based payroll module significantly reduces the time to process complex payrolls by automating processing and eliminating duplicate data entry.  For example, leverage predefined user templates to auto-populate tax information and rates based on provinces or states, reducing the time it takes to set up new employees. The system will calculate regular, overtime, and subsistence for employees on a weekly basis based on state or province.  New employees are easily added at the field level and then flagged for further processing in human resources and payroll.

Oilfield Ticketing Software Integration to Oilfield Service Software

Integration with Jobs, Payroll, and Fixed Assets produces fast and accurate processing of field tickets and invoices in the financial system.  Automatically runs validations to check for errors and duplicates.

Automated Invoicing

Oilfield service companies can accelerate invoicing cycles and cash flow by automatically importing field ticket and tour sheet information into the financial system.  Easily identify missing field tickets and tour sheets through user friendly screens.  Third party charge-backs are automatically updated on the sales invoices and invoices may be quickly generated for open or unbilled field tickets.  Invoicing and payroll transactions are approved independently.  Invoices from information captured on mobile devices can be quickly invoiced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Equipment Rental Management

Designed specifically for oilfield service, the system allows company representatives to efficiently rent and sell equipment and accessories from multiple locations.  Satisfy customers by offering flexible rental terms and periods, as well as best pricing options.  Efficiently track, manage and schedule service for units.  Extensive reporting functionality provides you with real-time reports on unit availability, rental history, service schedules, utilization, and profitability.